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How did slaves dress before the US Civil War?

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They would have been dressed in rough cotton or linen material with little shape to them. Most would have been barefoot. Slaves that worked in the house would have had full outfits, of a better material and would even have shoes.

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What were the rights of the slaves before the civil war?

Slaves had no rights - they were considered "property"

How many southern families had slaves before the Civil War?

About 25-30% of white southern families owned slaves on the eve of the Civil War.

Why were slaves allowed to vote in the south before the civil war?


Where there many slaves?

before the end of civil war yea

Where there slaves in the Civil War?

Yes. There was slaves during the civil war.

How did slaves get involed in the Civil War?

the slaves were in the civil war because the war was about freedom

Did slaves get paid before the civil war?

No slaves did not get paid they just got treated badly!

The majority of slaves worked as what before the civil war?

cotton pickers

Where did most free slaves live before the civil war?


How many slaves were in America before the Civil War?

About three million

What event took place before slaves were free?

civil war

Slaves role in Civil War?

the war was about them. had there been no slaves, there wouldn't have been a civil war.

What jobs did Slaves do in the Civil War?

the jobs that slaves did in the American civil war is druming

How were African slaves prior to the US Civil War?

The African slaves were totally disenfranchised before the Civil War. They had no rights. They were basically treated like animals, and died by the masses.

What is the Difference between immigrants who came to the US before the civil war and those who came after the civil war?

Before the war: The immigrants were probably buyin' or sellin' slaves. After the war: The immigrants were probably runin' away from slavery or escapin' their country because there was slaves there.

What are the number of slaves in US at the end of the civil war?

Many slaves had served in the Civil War. There were about 4 million slaves under bondage by the end of the Civil War.

What percentage of the south's total population was slaves before the civil war?

About a third

Slaves during the Civil War?

Slaves during the civil war were treated very cruelly.

What rights did Blacks have before the US Civil War in the north?

Before, during and after the US Civil War the civil rights of freed slaves and free Afro Americans were severely restricted. Some States before the Civil War would not even allow freed slaves to enter their States. Rights of voting, marriage, holding certain jobs and other normal civil rights of the white majorities were not always the same as for freed slaves.

Did the underground railroad exist before the civil war?

Yes. The underground railroad existed before the Civil War. After the Civil War the slaves were free. They could leave home. They did not have to escape. They could simply walk away.

What did they call the slaves after civil war?


When did North America not have slaves?

before the Europeans took over and after the American civil war

What novel emphasized plight of slaves before civil war?

Uncle Tom's Cabin

How were the slaves affected by the American revolution?

The revolution was irrelevant to the slaves; they were slaves before the revolution and they remained slaves after the revolution. It wasn't until the Civil War that things changed.

What were slaves called during the civil war?


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