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They had a formidable army, composed of several castes of warriors. Most of them had light armor, but their weapons were quite powerful. One example is the Macuahuitl (Nahuatl for 'hungry-wood') which is a kind of club filled with obsidian shards, in fact much sharper than titanium blades: according to Hernan Cortes, the conquistador responsible for conquering the Aztecs, one blow of this weapon could easily cut off a horse's head.

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Q: How did the Aztecs conquer the people of central Mexico?
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How did Aztecs build a large empire?

They were able to conquer many people in the Valley Of Mexico.

What native people dominated central Mexico until the Spanish conquest?


What group of people controlled most of central Mexico at the beginning of the sixteenth century?

The Aztecs controlled central Mexico in the beginning of the sixteenth century.

What country did the Aztecs come from?

The Aztecs were people that belonged to certain kinds of ethnic groups. The Aztecs came from central Mexico. Around the 13th century, the Valley of Mexico was where most of the Aztec civilization lived.

What conquered Aztec?

Who conquered Aztecs: The Spanish when the were exploring Mexico. They killed many Aztecs and destroyed their empire. What did the Aztecs conquer: The moved to the Valley of Mexico and being semi-nomad for 200 years. When they arrived at the Valley of Mexico, there was already other people there, but surprisingly, it took a very short time for the Aztecs to become the strongest population in the valley.

What region did aztecs live in?

The Aztec people lived in the central region of Mexico. They lived in the area that is known as Mexico City today.

Which of these native Americans societies one existed in Mexico?

The Native American society that once existed in Mexico was the Aztecs. These people lived in groups in central Mexico.

Which group of people did Hernando Cortes conquer?


What are the Aztecs like?

A member of a people of central Mexico whose civilization was at its height at the time of the Spanish conquest in the early 16th century.The Nahuatl language of the Aztecs.

Did the ancient pueblo people control central Mexico around the 1300's?

Not at all. The Aztecs controlled central Mexico since 1325 until the arrival of Spanish conquistadores.

Who are the Aztects?

The Aztecs are the people who once lived in central Mexico. They lived in these parts from the 14th through the 16th century.

What are the Aztecs?

they are a tribe of people who were in Mexico in 700AD they are a tribe of people who were in Mexico in 700AD

Why did the people of central Mexico help Cortez?

Although many think of ancient Mexico as part of only one civilization (the Aztecs), in reality most of Mexico was composed by many groups and tribes from which the Aztecs were the most powerfull. Therefore, besides Aztecs there were Mayans, Chontales, Otomies, Toltecs, Tlaxcaltecs, etc.So, the Aztecs were one of many warring states, and Cortez took advantage of such division to conquer them. For example, the most important allies to Cortez were the Tlaxcaltecs, who owned part of what today is known as Puebla (some 80 miles southeast of Mexico City).See http:/ for more information.

What are the contrasts of Aztecs Mayans and Incas?

Aztecs and Mayans developed their respective civilizations on central and southern Mexico, in an area known as Mesoamerica. Inca people were located on present-day Peru, in South America.

Why did Aztecs leave homeland in search of new one?

Aztecs were a wandering Native American tribe who came to Mexico during the 13th century. The Aztecs began moving south into the central valley of Mexico in 1200 AD. There they built a great civilization including cities, pyramids, and temples. By 1400 AD, Aztec Empire had 5 million people. In 1519 Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexico and defeated the Aztecs.

Which group of people lived in Mexico?

It's the aztecs.

Are the people in Mexico descended from the Incas or the Aztecs?


How long did the Aztecs live in Mexico?

The Aztecs came into the Valley of Mexico in the 12th century. They reached the peak of their power in the 1500s. Aztec people continue to live in Mexico.

How did the Aztec Empire grow and become powerful?

Soon after the Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico in the A.D. 1100s, they controlled all the land in central Mexico between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, all within 100 years. The Aztecs were such a powerful civilization that they conquered many lands because they were so warlike. Tenonchtitlan, their city, was a very peaceful place, but the Aztecs themselves were a warlike people.

Who were the original people of Mexico city?

Mexico City was founded by the Mexica people, later known as the Aztecs in 1325.

Are the Aztecs Mexican?

No. Aztec people were a civilization that lived in present-day central Mexico, and were conquered by Spanish conquistadores on August 13, 1521. Modern Mexicans are half Amerindians (including Aztecs) and half Spanish, so they would be the descendants of ancient Aztecs but it would be the other way around: Mexicans are Aztecs.

Who were the Aztecs and why did Hernan Cortes conquer them?

an indigenous group that extended from northern to central mexico. One empire that inspired the Aztecs were the Toltecs. They resided in Central Mexico, were very violent and had a state based on military power (basic structure of Aztec government/ society). Their legacy ended because on internal power struggles and military threats from the north of Mexico- the Mexica people, who acquired power by political alliance and conquest.The Toltecs greatly influenced the Aztecs. Hernan cortes conquered them becuase of their wealth (gold). This would help his country and himself. Very difficult for them to attack Tenochtitlan. Tried once and failed. However once some natives became allies they were able to conquer them. After being attacked, many natives decided to fight back and killed many Europeans- makes Europe angry.

Why did Spain conquer the Aztecs?

Originally, Spain did not want to conquer the Aztecs, they mainly wanted to establish trade with them, especially for gold and silver. However, when the Spanish saw the huge numbers of human sacrifices, cannibalism and other cruelties they decided that the only way to eliminate these practices was to conquer the people.

Who were the Indians in Mexico that sacrificed people?

All of them. It was a common trait to all Mesoamerican cultures spanning central and southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. Some examples include the Aztecs, Mayans and Olmecs.

Who did Cortes conquer in Mexico?

The Spanish, led by Hernándo Cortés, conquered the Aztec people in Mexico.