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French was a second language in Vietnam during the war.

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How did the French get influence daily life in Vietnam?

Cause they did now what you got to say about that world

In what year did the French relinquish their colony in Vietnam?

When the French were routed at Dien Bien Phu, on May 7th, 1954, they lost control of Vietnam. French influence is still widely felt throughout Vietnamese society.

What influence did the Battle of Dien Bin Phu have on the Vietnam War?

Dien Bin Phu ejected the French from Indochina.

Why was french spoken in Vietnam?

Vietnam was formerly French Indochina, a French colony.

Why does Vietnam speak french?

Because the French conquered Vietnam.

Why is French spoken in Vietnam?

because vietnam used to be in the french colony

What is the position of the french language in Vietnam?

What is the position of the french language in vietnam?

How did the 1949 communist victory in the Chinese civil war influence American involvement in Vietnam?

The United States Increased aid to the French in Vietnam. (NN) because the US was against Communism.

Why did the french join the Vietnam war?

The originally owned Vietnam. (French Indochina)

When did the French leave north Vietnam?

The French left north Vietnam in 1954

How did the french gain access to Vietnam?

When the French colonized Vietnam, they arrived by ship.

What french colony that included Vietnam?

Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam together were called French Indochina.

Why do they speak French in Vietnam?

Vietnam used to be Indochina during colonial times and was a French colony.

In the cities of Vietnam why are English Chinese and French often spoken?

English: This is the modern "lingua franca" and many people, especially in Asia, learn English to do business with foreign firms or welcome tourists. Chinese: China has had an incredible influence on Vietnam and is a regional power. In order to do business with China, many Vietnamese speak Chinese. There are also many Chinese immigrants in Vietnam. French: Vietnam used to be part of the French Colony of Indochina and therefore many of the elderly generation remember when it was required to speak in French to get around the country.

How do you say 'influence' in french?

it is the same in French as it is in English.

Was Vietnam a French colony?

Vietnam was part of a French colony. Laos, North and South Vietnam, and Cambodia were all grouped together into this colony called French Indochina. French rule lasted there over 6 decades.

Who lost the Vietnam War?

the French lost the Vietnam war

Who colonized vietnam during indochina?

French troops landed in Vietnam in 1858. By the 1880's the French had a strong hold over the territories of Vietnam.

Whene did the french get involved in the Vietnam war?

The French were involved with Vietnam from 1887-1954. The actual French Indochina War was 1946-1954.

What was the French connection to Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The French had fought there from 1946 to 1954; 1st Indochina War or French Indochina War.

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