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How did the Greek god Hermes die?

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He didn't. He's immortal, but he can fade away if no one remembers him.

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Does Hermes die?

Hermes is a Greek god and immortal. Hermes did not die.

How did Hermes the greek god die?

Hermes cannot die, he is immortal.

At what age did the greek god Hermes die?

The Greek gods never die.

When did the Greek god Hermes die?

Hermes can't die, because he's a god. Hermes, if he was real, can fade if people forget about him, but since he is a god, that means that he is immortal.

Who is the greek god Hermes?

the greek god hermes the god of messages

What greek god was the son of Hermes?

Hermes did not conceive a greek god.

Did the Greek god Hermes die?

Greek gods and goddesses cannot die, they are gods, therefore they are immortal.

What is Hermes the greek god of?

Hermes is the Greek God of travellers, roads, peddlers and thieves.

Who are Poseidon and Hermes?

Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea. Hermes is the Greek god of messengers.

What greek god did Hermes purses come from?

Hermes purses have nothing to do with the Greek god Hermes. They are named for Thierry Hermes (1801-1878).

What was Hermes Greek god name?


What was the roman name for the Greek god Hermes?

The Roman equivalent to Hermes the Greek god was Mercury.

Was Hermes a god or a goddess?

Hermes is a God. He is the Greek God of transitions and boundaries.

What does Hermes the Greek god rule?

Hermes is the God of, messenger's, and travel.

Hermes the Greek god was born and death when?

Birth dates are not given in Greek mythology, and Greek gods did not die.

What is the reason why the greek god Hermes is still alive?

Greek gods, in Greek mythology are immortal (can't die).

Who is the Greek god of speed?

Hermes, the God of Speed.the greek god of speed is Hermes. His name in roman mythology is Mercury.

The Roman god Mercury was which god in Greek mythology?

Mercury was Hermes in Greek mythology. Hermes/Mercury was the messenger god.

Greek god Hermes?

Hermes is the messenger of the gods

Is Hermes the god of medicine in Greek mythology?

No, Apollo is the god of medicine in Greek Mythology. Hermes is the god of travellers, thieves and the messenger god.

Did Hermes greek god have a love life?

Yes; but Hermes is not the god of love.

Is Hermes a god goddess or hero?

Hermes was the Greek god of messengers and thieves.

How is Hermes famous?

Hermes is famous becouse he is a greek god. Hermes is the messanger god. (He delivers messages)

What was the Greek god Hermes' role in Greek soecity?

Hermes was the god of travelers and thieves. So if you were traveling or stealing pray o Hermes.

What does the Greek god Hermes represent?

Hermes is the messenger god. He was also the god of thieves and travelers.