Hermes (Mercury)

In Greek mythology, Hermes was an Olympian god. He was a messenger, as well as the guide to the Underworld. His Roman equivalent was Mercury.

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Hermes (Mercury)

What year was god born?

God has always been! God made all everywhere! With God comes Love to all that do Beleive in God!

As of 2007 Atheism has all been tested by Order and all that the Atheists had used were discovered to be Fakes! Many states even passed laws that make Atheism illegal to be taught in public schools!

Hermes (Mercury)

What hair color did the Greek God Hermes have?

Most myths say brown, but it could have been blonde and there is a small possibility that it was black.

Hermes (Mercury)

What is the correct pronunciation of Hermes?

The Greek God Hermes (Greek:ΕΡΜΗΣ, Ερμής) is pronounced (HUR-meez).

If you are talking about the brand Hermès then the 'H' is silent in French (and so is the 'S' at the end of a word, with the exception of just a few words in the language).

In this case, the "s" is pronounced. The "h" is silent, so it's basically (air-maess)

(kind of a cross between air-mace and air-mess).

The Americanized version sounds like "air-MEZZ".

(see related pronunciation links below)

Hermes (Mercury)

What is Hermes best known for?

Hermes had the ability to fly with his winged hat and winged sandals. he had a scepter with two snakes on it. Hermes was the messenger of the gods.

Hermes (Mercury)

Does the Greek god Hermes have any siblings?

Yes, all other sons And daughters of Zeus.

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Hermes (Mercury)
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How does mercury outboard 60 hp e60elcia work?

An E60ELCIA is not a Mercury. It is an Evinrude. A 1981 Evinrude.

And it works just like any other 2-stroke outboard engine.

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Hermes (Mercury)

What does Hermes wand enable him to do?

I'm not sure about that question but no offense can you at least see the movie?

Hermes (Mercury)
Dionysus (Bacchus)

What is Praxiteles' statue of Hermes and Dionysus?

It's a statue.

Nah, Its a statue of Hermes holding the baby Dionysus. The statue is of when he stops to feed Dionysus grapes for his own "excitement."

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Hermes (Mercury)

Did Hermes marry?


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Hermes (Mercury)

What is the blood of the gods called in Greek mythology?

The name of the blood of the gods is Ichor [Ιχώρ]

Hermes (Mercury)

Were there phallic statues of the god Hermes?

Yes, the Apostle Paul enter into the agora in Athens and found a large number of phallic statues of the god of Hermes lining the northwest corner, near the principal entrance.

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Hermes (Mercury)
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What is the alchemist's name for mercury?

The word you're looking for is azoth.

Hermes (Mercury)

How do you pronounce the name of the Greek god Hermes?

If you are talking about the Greek God it is Her-Mees. (in Greek:ΕΡΜΗΣ, Ερμής)

Greek and Roman Mythologies
Hermes (Mercury)

Who was the Greek god with wings on his feet?

Hermes was the messenger of the Gods to the Greeks. Mercury is the Roman equivalent.

Hermes (Mercury)

Where are the roman messenger god mercury's wings?

He only had wings on his helmet and sandals.

Hermes (Mercury)

What did Hermes give to Apollo?

Hermes gave Apollo the lyre as a gift.

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Hermes (Mercury)

What is the name for a mixture of mercury and one or more other metals?


Hermes (Mercury)

How did Laughing Buddha become a god?

The laughing Buddha is the Chinese representation of the Buddha. The Buddha in any form is not a god.

Answer1. The Buddha is not a God. He is a Great Human Being

Those who do not know the Buddha properly, consider Him a God. The Buddha never esteemed such unnecessary glory, praise or honour. Nor did He expect such things. " O Bhikkhus, gains, offerings, glory, praise are all harsh and fierce. They are a danger preventing the achievement of the highest bliss of liberation. "

The Buddha appeared among men solely to make people see their ignorance, lack of awareness, wrong views, fallacies, and wrong actions. Such a great man will never expect limitless deference, praise or honour from the people

Hermes (Mercury)

What did Hermes the Greek god wear?

flying shoes??????

Hermes (Mercury)

How did the Greek god Hermes influence Greek history?

because he escaped from a cave he basically out smarted the gods.

Hermes (Mercury)

Is there any link between Morocco and Hermes?

Not in the Greek myths.

Hermes (Mercury)

Was mercury the greek god who ran very fast?

mercury is the same as hermes and is the fastest god and the messanger with winged shoes and hat.

Hermes (Mercury)

Who did Hermes slay?

Argos (Argus) - 100 eyed giant

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Hermes (Mercury)

How many kids did Zeus the Greek god have?

The number really depends on the tradition and stories you are folowing and if you are counting human and godly wives/children. There were literally hundreds of children. See related links below for more info.:

i think 5, Dionysus, Ares, Appolo, Perseus, and Hercules

If you include those 5 he had 117 children 112 of them being demigods

Hermes (Mercury)

Were was Hermes the Greek of gods last known location?

yeah man i know how you feel, i need to make a wanted poster for hermes with the last known location :C


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