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Q: How did the Hausa tribe make decisions before the colonialism?
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Is Hausa a tribe?

ofcourse hausa is a tribe and the language hausa people speaks is hausa languae aswell.. they are the most popular and honest people in nigeria, and they live in the northern part of nigeria.

How does Hausa interfere with English?

The Hausa do not really interfere with the English. The English is a completely different culture and has very different beliefs than the English. The Hausa tribe is a very independent tribe and does not interfere with the English.

How did the Hausa tribe get its food?

by killing animals

What is the history of the Hausa tribe?

For the source and detailed information concerning the Hausa tribe, click on the related links section indicated below.

Who made the decisions of the plains Cree tribe?

The chefif of the tribe

Where did the tribes in Nigeria come from originally?

It is said through history that before nigeria, the yoruba tribe many millions of years ago originally are from form Egypt, the hausa tribe came originally from the east or middle east and the igbo tribe came from central Africa but that was a long time ago before nigeria existed. In the end of the day they are all Nigerian.

What does the name Yohance means in the Hausa tribe?

My middle name is Yohance, and it means "God's Gift".

How were decisions made in the Cherokee tribe?

i have no answer

Why is a sachem important?

They are the chiefs of a tribe. They make the important decisions. Sachems are the leaders of the tribe.

Are the Yoruba tribe or Hausa tribe related to the native Indians in America?

Both the Yoruba and Hausa are West African tribes classified as Negroid. None of the peoples of Africa have any connection at all with native Americans, who are racially distinct but descended from the far distant ancestors of East Asian peoples.

Which two African nations remained independent during the time of colonialism?

The Zulu tribe and Samson from the fluids

Is their a royal family in Nigeria?

Yes but not for the whole of nigeria. For the most part each tribe has their own royal family in a way. I'm not sure about the hausa tribe in the north of Africa but the igbo and yoruba tribe have their own; and mostly within certain states within each tribe.

Who made the decisions in the Iroquois tribe?

the great council does

Did the women in the Iroquois tribe take part in the dicisions that the tribe made?

Yes. The main decisions were made by the women of the tribe. This is referred to as a "matriarchal" society.

What tribe came from Africa to America as slaves?

it wasn't just one tribe. the africans were of various cultural groups. There were Ashanti, Ewe, (Ghana)Wolof, Malinke,(Senegambia area) Yoruba, Ibo,(Nigeria) Balante, Kissi,(Guinea-Bissau) and many other groups like the Hausa and Fulani. Check out hope that helps :-) what specific ports were the hausa and fulani people taken

How are decisions made in the haudenosaunee tribe?

clan mothers cheifs and consensus

How did the Tlingit tribe make decisions?

they threw poo at each other

How did the Comanche tribe make decisions?

they work it out by saying it in sign language

Does Hausa tribe heard cattle?

Yes of course,when you trace back to origin of Bayajidda i.e Abu yazid,he cames with horse but due to those they setlers doesnt know Horse they called it with ''SA'' That is male cow bull.So to that extent we will know that Hausa people has a cow.

Are all Nigerians Christian?

no, the nigerians in the north, which is the hausa tribe are 95% Muslim and 5% christain. The yoruba tribe in the west of nigeria have a mix of both Muslim and christain but there are more christain yoruba's then Muslim. The edo and midwesteners are mostly christain and the igbo tribe in the east is 99% christain (catholic).

Who makes the decisions in the woodland Cree tribe?

I think It is cuz you need a job

How did the iroquois league make decisions-?

Representatives from each tribe were chosen by the women. The representatives formed the Great Council which made decisions for the entire League.

Which foreign tribe ruled Rome before the roman empire?

No foreign tribe ruled Rome before the Roman Empire.

What tribe was sitting bull in first?

Sitting Bull was in the Sioux tribe before he became cheif of the hunkpapa tribe

What native American tribe befriended the pilgrims before thanksgiving?

Ojibway tribe