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ofcourse hausa is a tribe and the language hausa people speaks is hausa languae aswell.. they are the most popular and honest people in Nigeria, and they live in the northern part of nigeria.

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Q: Is Hausa a tribe
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What is the history of the Hausa tribe?

For the source and detailed information concerning the Hausa tribe, click on the related links section indicated below.

How did the Hausa tribe get its food?

by killing animals

How does Hausa interfere with English?

The Hausa do not really interfere with the English. The English is a completely different culture and has very different beliefs than the English. The Hausa tribe is a very independent tribe and does not interfere with the English.

What does the name Yohance means in the Hausa tribe?

My middle name is Yohance, and it means "God's Gift".

Are the Yoruba tribe or Hausa tribe related to the native Indians in America?

Both the Yoruba and Hausa are West African tribes classified as Negroid. None of the peoples of Africa have any connection at all with native Americans, who are racially distinct but descended from the far distant ancestors of East Asian peoples.

What is hausa history?

the hausa are the largest ethinic group in nigeria almost all hausa are muslims

Is their a royal family in Nigeria?

Yes but not for the whole of nigeria. For the most part each tribe has their own royal family in a way. I'm not sure about the hausa tribe in the north of Africa but the igbo and yoruba tribe have their own; and mostly within certain states within each tribe.

What is the Hausa ethnic name for Nigeria?


What is the Hebrew translation for the word hausa?

if you are refering the language called Hausa, it is the same in Hebrew as English: Hausa. It is spelled האוסה

In which countries is Hausa spoken?

Hausa is spoken in these 8 countries:BeninBurkina FasoCameroonGhanaNigerNigeriaSudanTogo

What tribe came from Africa to America as slaves?

it wasn't just one tribe. the africans were of various cultural groups. There were Ashanti, Ewe, (Ghana)Wolof, Malinke,(Senegambia area) Yoruba, Ibo,(Nigeria) Balante, Kissi,(Guinea-Bissau) and many other groups like the Hausa and Fulani. Check out hope that helps :-) what specific ports were the hausa and fulani people taken

Does Hausa tribe heard cattle?

Yes of course,when you trace back to origin of Bayajidda i.e Abu yazid,he cames with horse but due to those they setlers doesnt know Horse they called it with ''SA'' That is male cow bull.So to that extent we will know that Hausa people has a cow.

How was man created in Hausa myths or belief?

what is the origin of man in hausa myth

What are the Differences between Hausa and Ibo culture?

differences between Hausa and Yoruba

When was Hausa Folk-lore created?

Hausa Folk-lore was created in 1913.

What is meaning of fennel seed in Hausa?

guess is Hulba

What has the author Maje-El-Hajeej Hotoro written?

Maje-El-Hajeej Hotoro has written: 'Shakka' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Hannu-- da-- shuni' 'Sirri' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Ummi' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language 'Gidan kashe ahu' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language 'Sirri' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Hisabi' 'Babbar-Magana!' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language

What the challenges facing by the VOA on Hausa Community programmes?

The Hausa Community is a group of Hausa speaking Muslims from Northern Nigeria. The VOA is a broadcasting corporation. The Hausa community is very protective of their culture and social interactions.

Are all Nigerians Christian?

no, the nigerians in the north, which is the hausa tribe are 95% Muslim and 5% christain. The yoruba tribe in the west of nigeria have a mix of both Muslim and christain but there are more christain yoruba's then Muslim. The edo and midwesteners are mostly christain and the igbo tribe in the east is 99% christain (catholic).

What is the meaning of oats in Hausa?

The meaning of oats in Hausa is "Atukulu". It refers to one the grains.

What crops do the Hausa raise?

The Hausa people farm beans, millet, rice, and maize.

What has the author Adamu Aliyu Umar Dandago written?

Adamu Aliyu Umar Dandago has written: 'Tutse--' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Tutse--' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction

What do the Hausa believe about marriage?

Hausa believes that marriage is a traditional of prophet muhammad (peace be upon him)

What has the author Sadiya Garba Yakasai written?

Sadiya Garba Yakasai has written: 'Wa ko kani?' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction 'Marayu ma 'ya'yane' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language 'Auren jari' -- subject(s): Texts, Hausa language, Hausa fiction

What is shoulder in hausa?