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* Believe it or not the KKK wasn't the skanks they were up until recently. It started out as a club to actually help people. Today, there are fewer than ever members in the United States and Canada and as much as some members of the KKK would have you believe, they are dwindling away. Please go onto: Type in: The history of the KKK You'll get a great insight into this motley crew. * The founder of the group saw the violence that was being inflicted on African Americans and they hatred, and tried to dismantle the K.K.K due to the disturbing events that were taking place, but it was too late and the group had evolved into something bigger than one mans dream of providing help to better people and their lives. Really interesting group to study about

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Q: How did the KKK come to be?
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Did the KKK come to Lincoln Maine?

Yes...I have a picture to prove it...the KKK marching down Main Street!!

Where did many ideas in the declaration of independence come from?


When did the KKK come to Canada and what happened?

The Ku Klux Klan came to Canada in the early 1920s. The KKK attacked many immigrants that were from Eastern Europe and Catholics.

What is the definition of zoom slider?

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How did the KKK do what they did?

By burning down peoples houses if they didn't come out then they would shoot them. :-(

What cult wears white robes and waits for a spirit to come and talk through them?


Who is the cardinal of the kkk?

There was no cardinal of the KKK.

What did the KKK believe?

What did the KKK believe?

What religion was the KKK?

The KKK was or were Catholics

What does the KKK symbol mean?

KKK can be klu klux klan or in koean KKK can perfer to laughing

What tactics did the KKK use?

Burn Houses, Violence and intimidation, they come at night (sleep depravation)

When did the Ku Klux Klan come to a end?

the KKK is still around just not as much as they used to be

Initiation into the KKK?

what are the iniation in to the KKK in the 1940s

Are there KKK in pennslyvania?

The KKK of the 1920s was in Pennsylvania.

Where was the KKK started?

The KKK was started in Tennessee.

Does the KKK still exist today?

Yes they do. the KKK is still around today but their isn't many KKK members now. there is about 6,000 KKK members who's still alive today. Some KKK members are still alive from the 2nd KKK which lasted from 1915-1944.

Is there still a KKK?

Yes, the KKK is still here. There are about 1,000 members in the KKK today.

Do KKK hate Mexicans?

In general the KKK hate black Mexicans, some KKK members are okay with white Mexicans. So overall the KKK do hate Mexicans.

When did the KKK form?

The original Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was formed 1865. the 2nd KKK was formed on 1915 and the 3rd KKK was formed after World War 2.

When was the KKK started?

The first KKK was established in 1864.

Where was the KKK founded?

The KKK was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee.

What banned the KKK?

Federal legislation banned the KKK.

Who is the leader the KKK?

Mickaël Jackson is the leader of the KKK

How do you join kkk?

I would advise that you do not join the KKK.