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How did the Nativists feel about immigrants?

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In scholarly studies "nativism" is a standard technical term. However, in public political discourse "nativist" is a term of opprobrium usually used by the opposition, and rarely by nativists themselves (they call themselves "patriots."). Anti-immigration is a more neutral term that may be used to characterize opponents of Immigration.

Other words: They were completely and totally against it.

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Nativists are people whom do not like and usually discriminate against immigrants. Therefore, they feel as if immigrants will not be able to truely assimilate into the new culture that they have arrived in, and will cause problems for society because of this.

To stop immigration =APEX

Nativists belived immigrants threatened American Traditions

Nativists did not like immigrants because they distrusted them. They hated Catholics.

Nativists believed that Immigrants wanted to destroy America.

something about immigrants taking all their jobs and such

nativists means U.S. citizens who opposed immigration because they were suspicious of immigrants.

They said immigrants carried the disease

Nativists belived immigrants threatened American traditions.

A wave of immigration inspired nativist politicians to pass laws forcing immigrants to pass a literacy test, and to create a QUOTA SYSTEM. In other words they were completely against immigrants.

Nativists believed that the U.S belong to those who were born in the U.S. They disliked immigrants

That immigrants wanted to destroy America.

Immigrants worked hard to fit in to society.

answered by: anomus The Immigrants would take jobs from the Americans

All of the above are correct. - APEX

Yes, because people were nativists.

When immigrants arrived, Nativists would throw objects at them. They would throw rocks, or wood, or dirt. If that wasn't bad enough, Nativists would exile immigrants to the dirtiest, most dingy and unhealthy outskirts of the city. The immigrants were forced into the worst jobs.

Natives disliked the new immigrants because they (took jobs from white Americans).

The nativists in the late 1800s viewed the new wave of immigrants with a little resentment.

They worked hard and lived by the rules of American society.

by saying immigrants were not white and therefore were inferior.

Nativists wanted to severely restrict Chinese immigration. They felt the Chinese immigrants would take all the jobs because they were willing to work for lower wages.

In response to increased immigration from Ireland and Germany, nativists pushed for laws to discourage immigration or deny political rights to immigrants.

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