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How did the Nazis gain power?

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It was Hitler who brainwashed everyone.

The Nazis used bias to gain and hold on to power by forcing the people to believe what they were saying, which was not true. Also, they would say untrue stuff about the Jews.

Hitler's oratory skills helped the Nazis to gain power in Germany.

he attempted to gain power by force (and went to prison)

The Italian Fascists and the German Nazis gained power by recruiting the youth and intimidation through the use of force. Once established as a power, quickly controlling other areas led to the increased power levels.

the Nazis plan was to gain power to take over the world and rule Germany, altough he failed to regain the power that Germany want, the plan was a bad idea and went down hill. Hitler shot himslef, that was no help for the Germans to gain the power. world war 2 was really important to Hitler and he never had the chance to look out for his country.

They used violence and intimidation to gain seats in parliament. They allied with the Nationalists to gain a majority vote and then voted Hitler into power. They voted to give Hitler complete power and outlawed groups who would speak out against the Nazi party.

because Hitler was a good speaker and Germany was in a worse depression than we were in the 1920's. they needed a scapegoat

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Hitler gained his power soon after he gained control of the national socialist workers party,otherwise known as the Nazis. after that he gave speeches and lead Putschs against the government to gain more power.

Yes French Nazis existed. Where ever the Nazis took power, more of their kind sprouted up.

Adolf Hitler was able to gain so much power because he could get so many people to follow him. (Think of all those Nazis) Then he abused his power by starting a war against all Jewish. He also allied with other strong countries and captured others.

Leading to his power as chancellor and leader of german, Hitler used violence and blackmail to get what he wanted but also, he used the power from the voting system to gain more seats in the reichstag

They invaded the country in May 1940.

Hitler used the depression to gain power, he promised the Germans things like, "We promise to make Germany great again," He also promised to help the people, and to get rid of the massive unemployment at the time. In this way, he rapidly gained popularity, and went from chancellor, to ruler.

The consensus among historians is that without the Great Depression the Nazis would not have come to power.

The Jews faced persecution, as well as difficulty in leaving Germany when the Nazis came to power.

Hitler never made a secret of his sentiments towards the Jews and had told every one what he thought before he attained power. It must however be kept in mind that he did not gain power as a result of popular approval but as a result of political intrigue. ___ However: * In the general election in November 1932 (the last free elections before the Nazis came to power) the Nazis won 34% of the vote, making them the biggest party in the Reichstag. * The Nazis did not campaign on a progamme of genocide. The extent to which Jews outside Germany followed events there varied enormously.

how did the kiings gain of power in europe

There was many reasons why Hitler and the Nazis were able to gain power by 1933, Hilter was a good speaker and was able to get votes as he belived people would be less likey to be moved by books.Other factors also include, The fall of the Weirman Republic Resentment over the Treaty of Versallies 1919 Propaganda The appeal of the Nazis Von Schielder vs Von Papen The use of the SA

To gain support for the idea of eliminating them.

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