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Although the north had better advantages the South had better leaders such as Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee. Abraham Lincoln had no military training while Jefferson Davis had plenty training.

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Q: How did the North and the South exploit each others advantages during the Civil War?
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What advantages does the south us have during the civil war?


What were the advantages of the union forces during the civil war?

to learn

Who had more advantages to assist during the civil war?

The north had more advantages, the south had more allies.

Did the south had all the economic advantages during the civil war?

Most advantages, economic and otherwise, favored the North

What were the South's advantages during the Civil War?

They had a much better trained army.

What industrial advantages did the South have over the North in the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the South did not have any industrial advantages over the North. The fact is that the North had an immense amount of industrial advantages.

What laws were passed during the civil war?

Emancipation Proclammation and others

What were advantages that the south had during the US Civil War?

pizza. It help them get fat and lose the war

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the south during the civil war?

The advantages of the South was they used strategies that the North didn't use and they knew the weaknesses of the North.

What is thanother name for a southerner who tried to exploit the African Americans after the civil war?


What were some advantages for the north during the civil war?

The North had more man power from different races of slaves.

North battle victories during civil war?

One of the North's victories during the Civil War was The Battle of Antietam.A few others are: Gettysburg, Petersburg, Vicksburg, Shiloh

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