How did the TV show 'Quantum Leap' end?

Dr. Sam Beckett is himself in the final episode on the very day he was born. He is in a bar in Pennsylvania where he sees a bunch of guys who all look like somebody he had met during his leaps. The bartender is named Al just like the hologram and possibly is the one who had been leaping him around. He knew everything Sam was thinking without him even saying what was on his mind. Al in the future is unable to track down where Sam is after discovering no one was in the waiting room. Sam tells Al the bartender about the time Al the hologram wanted him to stop his first wife from getting remarried and he refused to because it was against the rules to change history for personal reasons. The bartender tells Sam he can come home anytime he wants to- but he should continue doing the responsibilities he has been given ever since he started leaping through time. Sam is given a choice and chooses to go to when Al's first wife was missing him during the time he was at a POW camp in Vietnam. He tells her he is alive and coming home- the last leap has the screen go black and shows three messages saying what happened as a result. The first one says she never remarried. The second one says she and Al have four daughters and will have been married for 39 years. The third one says Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home. Sad music is played showing a picture of Sam and Al standing by eachother.