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The Treaty of Versailles was the final agreement reached at the end of World War I. Many of its conditions were considered unfair to the Germans, and so the Germans resented the Treaty. Hitler was able to feed off of this public resentment when he was gathering support.

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Q: How did the Treaty of Versailles help lead to the rise of Hitler?
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What did the Treaty of Versailles lead to?

The instalation of Hitler and WW2

How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to Adolf Hitler?


How did the depression and the Treaty of Versailles lead to the rise of adolf hitler?


What document did Hitler oppose that eventually lead to World War 2?

The Versailles Treaty

How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to WW2?

it was a big

How did the term of the Treaty of Versailles help lead to world war 2?

it ended in world war 1

What Peace Treaty eventually lead to World War 2?

Treaty of Versailles

What are the pros and cons of the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles effectively ended the first world war and left the aggrieved parties feeling like Germany was being duly punished for its crimes. Unfortunately, the treaty was far too harsh, and it lead to a political climate where Hitler came to power. He started the second World War in large part due to the unfair sanctions in the Treaty of Versailles.

What lead to World War II?

The treaty of Versailles, ww1

How did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the Holocaust?

The Treaty of Versailles did NOT contribute or lead to the Holocaust. The Versailles Treaty did, however, encourage German nationalism. Even in the early years of Nazi rule in Germany it was not obvious that the persecution of the Jews would culminate in mass murder.

Why did the Versailles treaty lead to another war?

Read the 14 points of the Versailles Treaty and you will understand why the Germans were angry and bitter about the treaty. The Germans had to give up money, land, their military and this resulted in a depression in their economy. Hitler hated that treaty and what it had done to Germany. He vowed to get revenge for it and correct matters for Germany. When he came into leadership he did exactly that. He disregarded the treaty and began making plans for war. See link below.

How did treaty of Versailles lead to world war 1?

It didn't, because the treaty of Versailles was signed at the end of WW1. Hence, it did not lead up to WW1. However, it did lead up to WW2 because many of the Germans thought they had been "stabbed in the back" (see stabbed in the back theory) by their high-ranking officers and politicians in the already weak Wiemar Republic (they believed they forfeited the war for high positions in the government), which helped Hitler rise to power (the weak government and his influence of his beliefs on the general German population, that is). So to conclude, the treaty of Versailles lead to WW2, but not WW1.

What impact did Woodrow Wilson' s fourteen points plan have on The Treaty of Versailles?

i have no clue sorry people:) to be or not to be This would lead the members of the League of Nations to believe that the Treaty of Versailles to be changed

What ended World War 1 and lead to the start of world one two?

the treaty of Versailles

Why did the U.S. senate reject the treaty of Versailles?

They thought it would lead to another war

What policies lead to World War 2?

Treaty of Versailles NEW RESPONDENT 1 - The excessively hard conditions of the Treaty of Versailles towards Germany, especially those related to the reparations and the losses of territory mainly imposed by France. 2 - The spirit of revenge and territorial expansion that animated the German policy after Hitler designation as a chancellor and the establishment of the dictatorship.

Why did reservationists disapprove of Article 10 of the Treaty of Versailles?

It could lead U.S. troops into foreign soil.

How did World War 1 connected to World War 2?

World War I was connected to WWII because the Treaty of Versailles made Germany fall into The Depression. Then Hitler took control of Germany as dictator and lead the invasion of Poland which lead to World War II.

What was put into the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was what ended World War I. The document placed all of the blame on Germany, even though Austria-Hungary started the war. The Treaty took most of Germany's army, took a good chunk of Germany's land, and actually triggered a significant economic depression in Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was what ultimately lead to World War II.

What things lead to the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles (1919) was the peace treaty which officially ended World War I between the Allied and Associated Powers and Germany. After six months of negotiations which took place at the Paris Peace Conference, the treaty was signed as a follow-up to the armistice signed in November 1918 in Compi

How did appeasement lead to war?

It really was not appeasement that lead to war it was the deception by Hitler that angered the nations who signed non-aggression pacts with Hitler. They declared war on him when he attacked Poland (who had not signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler). In truth it was not the violation of appeasement non-aggression pacts that started the war it was the violation of the Treaty of Versailles that incensed the French and Brits. They declared war after Hitler went after Poland with a military force he was not supposed to have and for an aggression he was not supposed to carry out.

Why is World War 1 the defining event of the twentieth century?

For a few reasons: - It was the first true "World War" - The resulting situation in Germany, left destitute by the Treaty of Versailles, allowed Hitler to rise to power and lead Germany into WW2.

How did the Treaty of Versailles help our military during ww1?

IMPROVED ANSWER:True Americans have always, and will always support our military. However, World War I didn't really come to an end, even with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles (1919). Because it would eventually lead to the German dictator Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi Party during the 1930's.Strong opposition to the treaty developed in the United States. Many Americans disagreed with President Wilson's generous approach to the war-torn nations of Europe.In 1920, the United States Senate refused to approve the treaty. In August 1921, however, Germany and the United States concluded a separate peace in the Treaty of Berlin.

How did ww1 led to World War 2?

The terms of the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI were very punitive against Germany. Adolph Hitler was in the German Army in WWI. As economic depression gripped Germany in the 1920's and 1930's a very charismatic Hitler began to gain a following among the German people. He was telling the people what they wanted to hear-that he was the one to lead Germany back to greatness(appealing largely to National pride). When Hitler gained supreme power he immediately began building the massive military machine,much of which was in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. It is clear from things that Hitler did that he was motivated largely by bitterness and resentment.

How did the Treaty of Versailles lead to the rise of dictatorship?

The Treaty of Versailles severely restricted Germany to the point of causing a severe depression and failed economy of Germany, the starvation and homelessness of the German people. The people blamed that treaty for their problems. They did not have a strong government which was capable of solving the nationwide problems. The Germans did not elect the Nazis to power. They were victims of the Nazis taking over when their President Hindenburg died and the Chancellor Adolf Hitler took over. He abolished the existing constitution and ignored the Versailles Treaty. This is how Germany was ushered into a dictatorship government. In Italy and Spain it was more of a matter of voters choosing the wrong person for their leadership and being dragged into bad dictatorships.