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'Lend-Lease' ~ see related link below .

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The Americans helped the Allies by sending resources to them during WWI.

Militarily and with war production and its assets as the "bread basket" of the world.

We joined the war after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

Later in the war they joined the Allies as an effort to help them win the war.

THEY HELP TO KEEP THE WOLD AT PEACE and they wanted the war to be over. When usa joined the war we had more power over Germany

yes but with help from France russia u.s.a. Canada and the rest of the allies

It provided the food, guns, planes, ships, medicines etc to win the war

The Allies won. Strange question.

The Japanese bombed the United States causing them to join the war. The Allies gained a very powerful allie in the War when U.S.A came in

They helped the Allies win the war.

No, the Allies won World War 2.

The Allies, which are America, Great Britain, France, and more, won World War I.

D-day definatly helped the allies win the war. It was one of the most important battles of WW2 D-day definatly helped the allies win the war. It was one of the most important battles of WW2

The German Allies surrenedered because they want peace, and then the allies killed them all.

Britain and the Allies won World War II

The Allies , along with Britain , won the Second World War .

They had money and resources to give to the allies as well as more men.

The Germans froze to death invading Russia at the wrong time of year

Literally speaking, yes.

The Allies win the war by securing the help of the US. This gave them a great numerical advantage over the Central Powers who had had the edge for most of the war.

It brought the US into the war with millions of fresh troops and almost unlimited resources.

FDR wanted the US , along with it's allies , to win the Second World War .

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