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It helped cause the war by helping slaves escape to the North and farther into the south (Mexico and Cuba).

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How did congress help expand railroads after the Civil War?

provided railroad companies land free of charge.

What did Harriet Tubman do for a living?

She was a slave, a guide for the underground railroad, spy in the civil war, tracker, writer, public speaker, and ran a service after the civil war to help displaced Blacks.

What was Harriet Tubman accomplishment during the civil war?

to save slaves from being beaten and to help them get to the north for freedom using the underground railroad.

Did Ulysses S. Grant help finish the transcontinental railroad?

No, he didn't precisely help finish the railroad, although he did help fund it. It was Leland Stanford who really finished the railroad.

What did James Farmer do to help the cause of civil rights?

He organized the Congress for Racial Equality

How did the railroad help expand the national market economy?

the railroad fuckecd them off

How did the Underground Railroad help to cause the Civil War?

The Underground Railroad helped the run away slaves escape from slavery by transporting them to Canada. They would by night to pervent being seen by their owners or slave catchers.Some died from either being take back to their owners and being punished or from the suffer of the long hard jurney."conductors were responsible for transporting slaves to Canada.

How did succession of southern states help cause the civil war?

it helped the civil war by sparking the thoughts of war because of slaveryThe Civil War started when some of the Southern states seceded from the Union. So really the secession of the Southern states was the cause of the Civil War.

How did the government help construct the transcontinental railroad?

people celebrated when the railroad was complete! :D

What railroad did chinese immigrants help build?

The Central Pacific Railroad Company, California Central Railroad, and the San Jose Railway.

How do you think the bomb in a baptist church in Birmingham help the cause of civil rights?

It made the present think about it

How did African Americans help to win the Civil War for the North?

They got free after the war cause they won

What was the underground railroad during the civil war?

the underground rail road was a series of tunnels and safe houses used by slave to help them escape the south and get to the north were they could be free

Who did the underground railroad help?

African Americans?!

Why the railroad began?

to help free the slaves

How did the underground railroad help people?


What did Henry Bibb do on the underground railroad?


How did the election of 1860 help cause the civil war?

It registered the country's precarious condition after a decade of sectional turmoil

How can journalism help gay rights?

Yes. journalism has always helped the cause of civil rights, but educating the public.

Who were the passengers on the underground railroad?

The underground railroad was not an actual railroad at all. It was a group of farms and familys that would help run-away slaves get to the north

How did the government actively help railroad companies?

The government gave railroad companies large pieces of land.

What was the Underground Railroad-?

The Underground Railroad was used to help slaves in the U.S. escape to states that were free, or to Canada. The railroad was a system of safe houses and secret routes.

Was there a railroad in the underground railroad?

no. the underground railroad was a secret (underground) chain of people who would help slaves reach freedom. the "railroad" part of the underground railroad was simply a way to refer to the chain of people that runaway slaves would stay with.

Why did stars help the people from the underground railroad?


Under ground railroad?

to help slaves escape

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