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Australia was divided over its involvement in the Vietnam War many feeling that Australian troops should not be used to help bolster a corrupt American puppet government in a war of aggression on behalf of the United states. As it turned out Australians learned hat to be a part of the US sphere of influence we have to get involved in these wars from time to time.


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North Vietnam controlled itself; South Vietnam controlled itself.

N. Vietnam was ATTACKING S. Vietnam. South Vietnam was defending itself with the help of the US/Allies.

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In 2004, there were 8.5 million Vietnam era veterans in the United States. Of that number, 2.59 million actually served in Vietnam itself.

North Vietnam controlled itself from about 1954 until they won the war in 1975. After 1975 both N & S VN become just Vietnam. Prior to 1954 Vietnam was part of French Indochina.

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Approximately 3,403,100 US Servicemen served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War; of which about 2,594,000 US Servicemen served in country (in South Vietnam itself).

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North Vietnam was the scene of the AIR WAR during the Vietnam War. N. Vietnam was bombed by air units from the US Navy and US Air Force. US Marine Corps units bombed in South Vietnam in support of their ground Marines. North Vietnam defended itself in North Vietnam with SAM sites and NVAF MiG 17, 19, and MiG 21 jet interceptors.

During the course of the war, approximately 3,403,100 US personnel served in Southeast Asia, of which approximately 2,594,000 served within Vietnam itself.

Richard Nixon strongly desired that the US extricate itself from the Vietnam War. However, it was necessary to bring it to an honorable end.

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