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Because of Pearl Harbor the United States declared war on Japan. Meanwhile Germany was at war with the USSR, and they wanted Japan to attack the USSR from the east. To get Japan to attack the USSR, Germany declared war on the United States in a good faith gesture towards Japan. Prior to this there was a war in Europe and Eastern Asia with the only connecting point being that Italy, Germany, and Japan were allies. Now the U.S. being right in the middle of these two wars became the connecting point.

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Q: How did the attack on Pearl Harbor expand World War 2 to global dimensions?
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What Were the effects of the Japanese attack on pearl harbor in December 1941?

A global war.

What historical significance did Pearl Harbor have on the us?

The Pearl Harbor attack brought the US into WWII, making the war a GLOBAL WAR.

Did the attack in Pearl Harbor start the war in kodoka in World War 2?

The attack at Pearl Harbor was on US territory, and the target was the United States Navy. The attack brought the US into WW2, which made it a truly GLOBAL war.

Has the attack on Pearl Harbor affected people and in what way?

Most people consider the words "Pearl Harbor" to mean starting the GLOBAL war; when the US entered it in 1941:)

Why is it important to learn about Pearl Harbor?

Without the attack on Pearl Harbor, there would have been only two wars going on: One in Europe, and one in Asia. Pearl Harbor brought the US into the war, making it a GLOBAL WAR.

What where the concequenses of Pearl Harbor?

Global war.

What was president FDR's postur towards the global conflict before the pearl harbor attack?

Arming combatant nations with his lend lease agreement; preparing to fight a two ocean war.

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What effects did pearl harbor have on World War 2?

Pearl Harbor triggered the US entry into the war; making WW2 a global war.

What role did it play in the outcome of Pearl Harbor?

The role of Pearl Harbor was US entry into WW2; making WW2 a truly Global War.

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What were the long term effects of pearl harbor?

The long term effects of Pearl Harbor were many and varied. Specifically, it was the first major terrorist attack on America, and it showed Americans that they were as vulnerable as any other country. Also, it pulled America out of it's isolationist foreign policy, and catapulted the US into the middle of the global arena.

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What are some significance of pearl harbor?

US entry into the war, now made it a GLOBAL War.

World War 2 - course?

Prior to Pearl Harbor; there was a European War and a war in Asia. Pearl Harbor created a GLOBAL WAR when the US entered it.

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Did Pearl Harbor pull America into World War 2?

Without Pearl Harbor, there would have been no global war (WW2); at least not until another reason occurred.

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How did Japan cause World War 2?

By bringing the US into the war (by bombing Pearl Harbor); that made it global.

What event prompted President Bush to initiate the Global War on Terrorism?

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