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The first recorded appearance of the plague in Europe was at Messina, Sicily in October of 1347. It arrived with trading ships that likely came from the Black Sea, past Constantinople and through the Mediterranean. This was a standard trade route that brought to Europeans goods which were carried overland to the Black Sea from as far away as China.

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Q: How did the black death get to Europe?
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Where in Europe did the Black Death Affect?

The Black Plague or Death affected all of Europe in 1347 to 1351.

When did black death disappear from Europe?

The black death disappeared from Europe about 150-400 years after it began.

What year did the black death come to europe?

The Black Death spread into Europe in 1347. It came from Asia.

How was the black death introduced to Europe?

The Black Death was introduced to Europe through foreign trade oversea.

What is the Black Death and did it change Europe?

Black Death is pandemic Plague. It changed Europe culturally and socially.

When did the black death arrive in europe?

In fall of 1347, the black death arrived in Europe. During this time, the black death ended up killing one third of all the people in Europe.

What years did the Black Death sweep through Europe?

Black Death Plague swept death. In Europe at 1346 to 1353.

When did the black death leave Europe?

About 1350 in Europe

Who had the black death?

black death spread in Europe. black death killed 75 to 200 million people.

Where did the black death arrive?

The black death started around 1437 in Europe.

What are the effects of black death?

The black death wiped out the population of more than half of europe. The black death wiped out the population of more than half of europe. Over 7500 victims were dying from black death everyday

What were the economic and social results of the black death in europe?

Black Death had left whole Europe in shock. Europe lost most of its economy and social power.

Did russia get the black death?

yes, black death was spread in whole Europe. Russia also got black death.

When did the black death hit Europe?

It is believed that the black death reached Europe in 1346. The black death is estimated to have killed between 30 and 60 percent of Europe's total population.

When did the black death start in Europe?


How did the black death contribute to the end of feudalism in western Europe?

Black Death caused strikes and riots. These ended feudalism in Europe.

What happened in the Europe after the end of the black death?

Black Death ended in Europe in 1346 to 1353. Followed by many important revolutions.

What were the death rates of the Black Death plaque in Europe as a whole?

There was a 1 in 3 chance of dying during the spread of the Bubonic Plaque (Black Death) in Europe.

Where did the Black Death mostly accur?

Black Death started in China. And it spread to Europe.

How fast did the Black Death spread?

The Black Death spread across Europe at 4km

What countries did the black death go around?

The Black Death spread to all of Europe.

Did wales suffer from the black death?

Of course it did, all of Europe was hit by the black death.

How did the Black Death effect children in Europe?

lots of children died from the black death

Where did people died from black death?

Black death struck in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Who carried the black death to Europe?

No one did it was rats that carried black death (plague)