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The big dipper is actually part of a larger constellation, Ursa Major. the portion called the big dipper got its name because it resembled a ladle, or 'dipper'

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Q: How did the constellation big dipper get its name?
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What is the size of The Big Dipper Constellation?

The Big Dipper is not a constellation. It's an asterism (part of a constellation), and it's BIG ! (hence the name).

What is the name of the major constellation in which the big dipper is located?

The big dipper are the seven brightest of the formal constellation Ursa Major.

Is big dipper an adjective?

No, Big dipper is a constellation.

What constellation contains the big dipper?

The "Big Dipper" is an asterism in the constellation of Ursa Major.

What is the name of the constellation which the big dipper belongs to?

...the answer is... ...Ursa Major...

What is the Big dipper called if it is a smaller constellation?

The Big Dipper is not a smaller constellation. The Big Dipper is a part of an even larger constellation. The Big Dipper is a part of the Constellation, Ursula Major or Big Bear. It is only part of the Bear. Likewise, the little dipper is part of a larger constellation, Ursula Minor or Little Bear.

True or False The Big Dipper is a constellation?

true NO NO NO NO NO! My teacher would yell at you. The big dipper is NOT a constellation. The big dipper is a part of Ursa Major, the Big Bear. Therefore, the statement is FALSE. The big dipper is an Asterism, not a Constellation.

Is the big dipper the same as Orion constellation?

No. The Big Dipper is PART of the constellation Big Bear (Ursa Major).

Where are the stars in the constellation the big dipper?

Inside the constellation

In which constellation can the big dipper be found?

Ursa Major, also known as Big Bear, is the constellation wherein the Big Dipper can be found.

The Big Dipper is an example of a?


What big dipper is an example of what?

A constellation

What is the Big Dipper an example of?

While generally thought of as one, the Big Dipper is NOT a constellation. It is an asterism - a group of stars that are part of a constellation. The Big Dipper is part of the constellation Ursa Major (the great bear).

What consellation is the big dipper in?

The Big Dipper is part of the Ursa Major constellation.

In what constellation big dipper found?

The big dipper can be found in Ursa Major.

What is the dipper in the ballad of William sycamore?

the big dipper constellation

What is a constellation that looks like a water dipper?

The Big Dipper

A constellation that looks like a water dipper?

the big dipper

Is the Big Dipper a constellation?

No. It is only a part of the Big Bear (Ursa Major) constellation. An easily recognizable part of a constellation, like the big dipper, is called an "asterism".

When can you see the constellation big dipper?

The Big Dipper is NOT a constellation. It's an asterism (part of a constellation). You can see it all year long if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

What type of star is the big dipper?

The Bid Dipper is not a star, it is a constellation.

Is the big dipper part of the constellation called the great bear?

yes its real name as a constellation is Ursa Major

What is the most known constellation?

big dipper

What is the most important constellation?

the big dipper

Which constellation is opposite of the big dipper?