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The Glorious Revolution, American Revolution, and French Revolution all challenged the institutions that shaped the political structure of the world, each attempting to establish democratic principles of government, including limiting the power of the government and extending rights to the governed. Although each revolution occurred in a different time and place, all three were based on the ideas that government derives its power from the people it governs and government exists to protect its citizens who have certain rights that cannot be denied.

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How did French government influence the US's government?

it didnt. the American revolution happened before the french revolution

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Does your cognitive development or your expectations influence your perception? Why or why not?

Ideas associated with the French Revolution was a big influence on the Romantics?

the needs of the individual were important

What ideas associated with the French Revolution was a big influence on the Romantics?

The needs of the individual were important.

What did Jean-Jacques Rousseau do and how did that influence the french Revolution?

He wrote a book about government

One reason for the growth of the national government's power and influence has been?

Heightened expectations and demands placed on the federal government.

Jean Jacques Rosseau influence early American government?

No. John Locke influenced the American revolution. Rousseau influenced the French revolution.

How did the work of Lenin and the Russian Revolution influence the concept of terrorism?

It showed that interest groups or non-state actors could influence government on a large scale

How did the scientific revolution influence the enlightenment?

The principles of the Scientific Revolution, which held that everything including the government was worth examination and scrutiny, spread to these philosophies; our early political scientist.

Influence of French Revolution on English literature?

The French Revolution had an important influence on the writing of the Romantic period, inspiring writers to address themes of democracy and human rights and to consider the function of revolution as a form of change. In the beginning, the French Revolution was supported by writers because of the opportunities it seemed to offer for political and social change. When those expectations were frustrated in later years, Romantic poets used the spirit of revolution to help characterize their poetic philosophies. In this essay I am going to concentrate on the influence of the French revolution on two great romantic writers, William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Did the Glorious Revolution influence another revolution?

No it did not influence other revolutions although some wars did start.

How does Rousseau influence the society and history?

Rousseau's mostly direct influence was immediate and on the French Revolution. His ideas of legitimacy through the people, support of a republic, and the use of government to manifest the General Will had a profound impact of how organisers and revolutionaries structured their movement and led the Revolution.

How did the steel plow influence the Industrial Revolution?

Agricultural revolution

Was a huge inspiration and influence on the French Revolution?

The American Revolution

Why do Pluralists maintain that the influence of interest groups on government is not undemocratic?

Individual interests are indirectly represented in the policymaking process through these groups.

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What was a huge inspiration and influence on the French Revolution?

American Revolution A+ users

What had a huge inspiration an influence on the French Revolution?

The success of the American Revolution.

Did religion influence the American revolution?


What influence does the French Revolution have on the modern world?

The french revolution influence us to make people know about liberty,equality and fraternity.

How did both the signing of magna carta and the glorious revolution influence the development of the American Revolution influence the development of the American Revolution?

They established the idea that leaders should have limits on their power.

Did the latin American Revolution influence another revolution?

no there was not a very important revolution that came ofter the latin american revolution

How did the French Revolution influence th American Revolution?

It didn't. The American Revolution was over before the French Revolution began.

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How does the US federal government influence education?

federal government does not do anything to influence education