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The easiest way to do it- both get at the front end for the timing kit and the rear seal is unfortunately to remove grill and radiator- unbolt tranny and engine and kind of slide it forward

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โˆ™ 2005-11-11 04:52:39
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Q: How difficult is it to change rear seal on 85 G20 Van while changing the oil pan gasket and installing a timing kit while engine is in the van?
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Changing the timing belt can be an easy or very difficult and costly repair. If you are just changing it for the sake of keeping it up to par, then the easiest thing to do is remove the engine mount and jack up the one side of the engine, then pull off the timing cover. from there, all you really need to do is remove the balancer, pull the belt off, put a new one on, and then reattach the balancer. The difficult part is if you are changing the belt after it has broken (as i am in the process of now). Since i had a cherry picker, i decided to simply pull the engine out. not the easiest option, but because the daewoo cylinder heads leave no space between the piston and the valves, you WILL, and i repeat WILL have to replace some bent valves. I had the engine out, pulled off the head, had it reworked, and I'm putting everything back together. while installing the new timing belt, you might as well put in a new water pump. Good luck if this is your problem. I have taken some time doing this, and 185 dollars for the new head gasket set didn't please me either.

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I wasnt aware Chevy used a 400cc engine

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Did you also change out the ECU from the donor car? If not, that may be the problem.

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Any vidoes available on changing oil on 2003 Suzuke dr200 se

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