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Change the fuel filter, or there is a relay that you will need to get from the dealer replaced, that is what I did.

That's correct-the relay may be faulty. If finances don't permit you to buy a new relay there is a chance your mechanic may be able to simply repair the relay if he/she is skilled in doing so. The fuel pump could be the culprit as well. My fuel pump and relay went out at 150,000 at a repair cost total of a little over $300.00. Changing the fuel filter for this problem is also correct. As a preventive maintenance practice replace your fuel filter every year.

If you want to keep it cheap and a lot less painless, first check the fuel pump fuse underneath the dash. This happened to me in my legend while I was driving over the mountain pass, luckly I had a spare fuse.

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Q: How do I Change the alternator in 1991 Acura Legend?
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