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How do I bleed the clutch in a 1988 Ford F150?

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2017-07-18 10:07:46

Keep the master cylinder full of fluid at all times! Then have

someone slowly push the clutch pedal in and hold while you open the

bleed valve on the slave cylinder releasing fluid, close the bleed

valve ALL the way have the person controlling the pedal quickly let

off. Have them pump the pedal five times slowly with about a second

or two rest between each pump. You then open the bleed valve again

releasing fluid. Repeat this process over and over until you can

feel pressure in the clutch pedal again... MAKE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE

ON THE FLUID LEVEL! Never let it go empty or you will let air back

into the system and have to repeat the process over again also make

sure the bleed valve is all the way closed when finished

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