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Have to have softwareFirst of all, it all depends on the kind of software you have on your computer. I have Roxio Easy Media Creator on my computer which lets me convert my songs to MP3's. If you have such software, there should be a section that says copy tracks to a mp3. It is a coding technology that changes them over to mp3's. You can aklso keep them as CD's if you want to. When you convert the CD, you can choose where to store them so that you may burn the mp3. You also have to have the right drive to burn mp3's, which would be a CD-r or CD-rw drive or CD-r, CD-rw and DVD drive all in one. So if you don't have the software you will have to purchase it or possibly find it at for free or purchase it from their website. It is a very safe website to download software from. I hope this has been helpful to you. John
2011-09-12 22:22:56
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Q: How do I burn mp3 discs with songs from CDs that I have burnt onto my computer?
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How do you get songs off of blank discs?

If they are blank, then there is nothing on the CD to take off. And you can't "take" songs off a disc, unless you burn them to a computer or another CD. Also you're a doofus. Way to go doofus.

How can you download songs from the computer?

You burn to a CD.

How do you copy songs from computer to CD?

burn it

How do you burn MP3s and MP4s from a computer to discs?

You have to have a CD burner on your computer. And if you don't have a program to burn cds go to and type in CD burner programs.

What is the past participle form of verb burn?

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What disks are use to burn ps2 games?

PS2 games are mainly designed for DVD discs, but the PS2 will not play most burnt DVDs

How do you burn a song to a CD that already has songs on it?

you just go back to windows media player or any music player you have to burn discs and press burn song or whatever you want to burn to the disc

How exactly does one burn a music CD?

A music CD can be burnt via a computer and a DVD/CD writer disc drive. All that is required is the use of an a few songs, a blank CD and an audio program for example, Windows Media Player. Through the audio program, the select playlist of songs can be burnt onto the CD via the Burnt CD section.

Do CD duplicators typically press or "burn" discs?

CD duplicators always burn discs. Pressing discs only occurs in a factory setting.

How do you burn songs on bear share?

open bearshare --> drag the songs you want to burn to the media player (can be more) --> put them in an play list --> put a empty CD into your computer --> click on burn.

Will ps3 burn Blu-ray discs?

I don't know about burn, but it will definitely play Blu-Ray, for the game discs are actually Blu-Ray discs

Is it legal to burn wii discs?


What is the past participle of burnt?

Burnt is the past participle of burn.

Can you burn music onto a DVD plus R?

You can burn music on to a DVD plus R disc. It can hold approximately a little over 1000 songs. Newer DVD players will support the discs.

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How do you put your songs from one computer on to the other using itunes?

There are two ways: The first way is to take the memory stick from the computer that has your songs on it and stick it into the other computer The other way is to burn CD's with all your songs on them then inject them into the other computer, then open up itunes and it will appear

How can you copy songs to a blank disc in iTunes?

selecting "BURN DISC" at one of the bottom corners while there is a blank CD inside the place where you put your discs and cds in.

What does a disk driive do in ps3?

It reads the discs whether they are CD DVD or BluRay, it can not write or burn discs

How do you burn a disc on iTunes?

First of all you create a playlist on iTunes and name it whatever you like (eg, my disc). Drag all the songs that you want on the disc. Then click on the playlist, then click on file, and you should see a button which has something to do with burning. Discs normally burn approx. 20 songs.

How do you burn videos to your i pod touch?

You can use iTunes on your iPod or your computer to burn videos, songs, pictures, and apps (not reccomended) to your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

How do you get music of iTunes to another iTunes?

You insert blank CDs in your computer and burn your songs onto them and then insert the CDs into the other computer and import them.

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Present perfect is formed with - have/has +past participle.The past participle of burn can be burnt or burned. So present perfect would be:have burned, has burnedorhave burnt, has burnt

How do you burn dvds to blank discs?

You use Nero to burn the .ISO file onto the disk

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