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How do I burn mp3 discs with songs from CDs that I have burnt onto my computer?

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2011-09-12 22:22:56

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First of all, it all depends on the kind of software you have on

your computer. I have Roxio Easy Media Creator on my computer which

lets me convert my songs to MP3's. If you have such software, there

should be a section that says copy tracks to a mp3. It is a coding

technology that changes them over to mp3's. You can aklso keep them

as CD's if you want to. When you convert the CD, you can choose

where to store them so that you may burn the mp3. You also have to

have the right drive to burn mp3's, which would be a CD-r or CD-rw

drive or CD-r, CD-rw and DVD drive all in one. So if you don't have

the software you will have to purchase it or possibly find it at for free or purchase it from their website. It is a

very safe website to download software from. I hope this has been

helpful to you. John

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