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You need to make space for the alternator to be detached and removed by rotating the engine forward, dropping the subframe and removing the Power Steering lines, the fuel pressure connection. This is also after disconnecting the Neg batt cable, the belt, the manifold cover, and removing part of the windshield wiper assembly.

Rotate the engine by attaching and using a ratchet type tiedown strap to pull the engine forward after partially removing the brackets that secure the engine were it is. These brackets are right there attached to the radiator support frame.

You also drop the sub frame for the same reason (ie. to make more room).

You use a floor jack under the sub frame, and drop the frame after you have removed the front bolts.

I'm working with the assumption that you know you have to do all the other things that you need to do if it was easy to get at.

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Q: How do I change an alternator on a 1998 Pontiac Montana?
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