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I do not know a lot about Toyota trucks. But I just changed the starter on a 2000 TUNDRA V-8. So in case its anything like the Tundra, here it is... You MUST pull the intake. I pulled the top plennum first, then the lower. Be careful with the injector wires. They are not easy to unplug. MAKE SURE you can identify where EVERY wire and vacuum hose goes (on the wires they are ALL squeeze type, do not pry the tabs open). Getting the intake off is not too difficult. Just remove everything that is attached. Leave the throttle body on the truck so you do not lose coolant. It takes 2 bolts and 2 nuts from the front. Once you lift the intake, cover the intake ports on the heads to make sure nothing gets in them. Don't get too happy -- its not over yet. The factory did not give you any extra battery cable. The starter is bolted to the motor with 2 bolts coming from back to front. From the bellhousing into the starter nose, get those out. Then GENTLY roll the starter toward the passenger side of the truck. GENTLY pry the plastic wire cover open. One cable is bolted inside it. Then take one bolt out of the starter that holds the plastic housing on. This bolt is coming from the front like the starter mount bolts. Then unplug the solenoid wire from the lower side of the starter. Congratulations! You're done. This is not really that hard of a job. It should take a fair mechanic about 1.5 hours. If you're not too great at mechanical work don't be too intimidated. BUT BE SURE TO GET EVERYTHING BACK IN ITS SPOT. This will likely take you most of a day. TOOLS - 10mm wrench and socket for miscellaneous items

- 12mm socket with 9-inch extension for intake bolts and some other parts

- Pliers for vacuum hoses

- Phillips screwdriver for plastic airhorn

- 14mm and 19mm wrenches to disconnect the fuel line

- 13mm deep socket with 1/4" drive for starter bolts

- 12mm wrench for battery cable on starter Keep everything... Clean, Clean, Clean!

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Q: How do I change the starter on a 2001 Tacoma 4X4?
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