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How do I configure TCP settings on Blackberry?


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Setting the TCP settings on the Blackberry is very simple to do, the hardest part is acquiring the APN setting for your mobile network.

Firstly I will cover the "How to..." part:

# Go to your 'Options' from your Blackberry main menu. # Go to 'Advanced Options' # Go to 'TCP' # Enter your 'APN' ^

# Enter your 'Username' and 'Password' if required ^^ # Press the Blackberry menu button # Go to and select 'Save' and save the changes ^ Network service dependent. Please contact your service supplier for further details.

^^ Username and password may not be required by all network service suppliers.

So now for info on the TCP settings: As the TCP or APN settings are network service dependent you are required to use only the setting supplied by your carrier. This can be accomplished by following one of the following:

* Contact your service supplier for the details. ^^^ * Visit * Visit ^^^^ ^^^ Most suppliers will not issue the detail as they are not normally required, but experience from many Blackberry users is that some 3rd party software requires TCP settings.

^^^^ More based on MMS settings but still quite informative.


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