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I am having the same problem. I just saw something listed for a Chevy truck where water is coming in through the firewall. Apparently there is a bad gasket.

Answer 2If the water is on the passenger side floor the rain deflector weather-stripping is the problem. The weather stripping on the metal near the bottom of the windshield is notorious for falling off and allowing water into the blower motor inlet which will cause all kinds of headaches.

Check out the following website for detailed pics and instructions on how to fix this problem. The writeup is about the cabin airfilter but also mentions the rain defelctor stripping that becomes mislocated and causes the above problem and how to fix.

Hope this helps.


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Two GP owners have told me to just use cocking across the bottom of the windshield


Had the same problem and it ended up that the cowl at the bottom of the windshield was leaking. Just had a windshield glassman reseal the area and it stopped.


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Q: How do I fix the water leak in My 2001 Pontiac grand prix se because when it rains just the driver side floorboard fills up with water sombody please help?
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