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How do I obtain a title to a motorcycle if the title has a bank lien and the motorcycle was sold for parts and previous owner still owes money?

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2009-03-17 18:38:46

You can't. The bank still owns the bike, NOT you. The bike was

sold to you illegally if the bank wasn't paid off. You need to get

your money back.

Not quite true. He can legally sell you the bike but it becomes

"interesting" depending on the terms and conditions of the loan and

your state.

For example you want to be careful since you might end up being

RESPONSIBLE for the remainder of his loan :-) This is unlikely

however since to be owner you have to transfer the title and you

can not do that as long as there is a lien on the bike. a lien does

not mean the bank owns the bike the seller owns it. The lien means

the bank has a financial interest in the bike. "part" ownership if

you will. If you really want the bike I would contact the lien

holder. This might be as simple as the bike was "totaled" out by

insurance and they simply forgot to remove the lien on the original

title or they may "sell" you the salvage title. Call them and see

if you can get someone on the phone. I would prefer to do all this

BEFORE paying any money for it :-) You can use all the parts except

the Frame and Engine Casing as they both have VIN numbers and you

need a title for BOTH if they do not match.

Good Luck

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