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How do I replace the brake light bulb on my Polo If you undo the one screw the light housing comes loose but won't come off - should I pull it a bit harder?


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November 15, 2008 3:07PM

For a year 2000 UK Polo:

You don't need to unscrew anything. If you look in the boot at the back of the rear light cluster (you may need to pull back a bit of the carpet that covers the back of the light cluster) you will see there there is a grey/black bulb holder. This holds all the bulbs for the real light cluster. It has has one or two clips with wires (depending on which side of the car you are looking at) connected to it. Unclip these. There are also two clips on the left and right hand side of the bulb holder (which hold it in place to the back of the light cluster) Unclip these, you should now be able to remove the bulb holder and replace the bulbs. For an 52-reg Polo: I just did it on my car. It sounds like you have a similar housing to mine - unscrew the plastic-covered screw top from inside the carboot. Then pull out the whole light housing -its held on by two snap-fits on the outer edge. Remove inner housing to reveal bulbs. Replace bulbs. Good luck. HW