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In Islam, Peace
Muslims are those who love peace. It is only when there is a need to attack the enemy do they fight.

The terror groups who claim to fight in the name of Islam are actually not Muslims, despite their claim to be. The Islamic terrorists actually believe in Fundamental Islam, which is massively different to traditional Islam. Bear in mind that terrorists exist in every single religion, no matter how hard the media try to always blame Muslims.

Fundamental Islam is a false and propaganda religion where the leaders claim the followers need to fight against other religions and sacrifice themselves in order to gain access to the afterlife.
Traditional Islam is the true Islamic way which believes in peace and charity. They believe in the ways of peace and love and they believe in charity.

An act of charity in Islam is known as 'Zakah'. This act of zakah is obligatory to all those who follow the faith. A true Muslim is expected to help those who need it through an act of zakah, whether it be donating money to a homeless person, helping a disabled lady cross the road, sheltering a family from a storm and so on.

True traditional Muslims are indeed very peaceful and loving people.
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What do Muslims believe in?

Islam is the belief that there is one and only one God, called Allah in Arabic (or God in English and same God worshiped in Judaism and Christianity) and that God assigned prophets and messengers to call their people to worship God as the one and only one God. Islam has the belief also that Muhammad ( Full Answer )

What do Muslims believe?

They believe there is only one deity worthy of worship, and thatthe Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is Hismessenger. Muslims believe in Muhammed as the greatest prophet of Allah.

Why do Muslims pray for peace?

Answer . Why wouldn't Muslims pray for peace? You might as well ask why Christians pray for peace. The majority of Muslims, like the majority of Christians are peace loving people who want to live a good life, provide for their families, improve themselves and their surroundings. There are, of co ( Full Answer )

What do Jews believe about peace?

Jewish people believe that people have to respect each other nomatter what religion or differences they have. They also believethat the world is a place where peace must be held and when the daycomes that all people are at peace the meshiach will come. Answer 2 Jews believe that people have to respe ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslims believe that peace is better than war?

It depends on your definition of 'peace'. In ancient Rome, Pax Romana (the Roman peace) was achieved by waging war and subjugating all other cultures to their rule. Sure, peace is better than war, but you only have peace when you have killed everyone who doesn't think you should rule the world.

Who do the Muslims believe in?

Islam, a name given by Allah to this religion (Quran 5:4), is an Arabic word which literally means obedience and peace. ISLAM is derived from the Arabic root "SALEMA": peace, purity, submission and obedience. So 'Islam' would mean the path of those who are obedient to Allah and who establish peace w ( Full Answer )

Who do Muslims believe in?

Muslims believe in God whom they refer to in the Arabic language as"Allah". Muslims also believe in Jesus. Muslims also believe intheir prophet Mohammad who was the founder of the religion ofIslam.

Where do Buddhists believe is the place of peace?

Buddhism has a number of rich and varied traditions but from my own perspective the place of peace is our own mind when we stop all attachment and aversion. Hope this helps Steve

What do Muslim believe in?

Muslims believe that there is one God, Allah, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His messenger.

What do the Muslims believe in?

Muslims (people who believe in Islam) believe in the so called "5 pillars of Islam". - Shahada: The belief in God (Allah) and his prophet Muhammad (PBUH). - Salat: The requirement to pray five times a day at fixed times during the day. - Zakat: alms-giving is the prac ( Full Answer )

What does a Muslim believe in?

Muslims believe in one god with no sons nor partners , Muhammad the prophet of god , Jesus as prophet of god not a son of god as I used to believe in Christianity, the baby is not born sinful but innocent and sinless, we believe in the QURAN as the word of god and we also believe in the Bible and th ( Full Answer )

What do Muslim believe?

In general: 1) A monotheistic God 2) The belief in the Day of Judgment, where they will be punished or rewarded for their actions. 3) Prophets that sent the word of God to us. 4) Peace. (If 1.5 billion Muslims were violent, most of the world would be at war) 5) A set of actions and principles that ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslims believe what why believe in?

Answer: As with all religions, Muslims believe they can find salvation through Islam. Islam was begun early in the 7th century by a man named Muhammad. He claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel. During these angelic visitations, which continued for about 23 years until Muhammad's death, ( Full Answer )

Are the majority of Muslim peaceful people?

Yes!! Islam means PEACE! In Islam we are supposed to be kind and peaceful and everything. They are very, very kind people. Source: I am a Muslim.

Can there be peace between Jews and Muslims?

Answer 1 There can be peace between Jews and Muslims. There should be no war as a result of religion as everyone has a right to worship any god they choose. Answer 2 If we are speaking purely on religious grounds, there can certainly be peace at a personal and communal level between Jews and ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims believe all Muslims are equal?

yes, all Muslims are equal and have the same amount of respect. Muslims believe even non-Muslims have their own rights and can follow their belioefs also. Edit: Muslims believe non-Muslims have their own rights that are separate and less than those of Muslims. Their scripture says something like ( Full Answer )

What did the Muslims believe in?

all muslims believe in one god. we also believe that no other power is created which can be worshiped. he is only 1 and has no descendants to him.

What muslims believe in?

1- there is no God but Allah 2- Muhammad is messenger of Allah God is not human God is not material God can not be seen by eye of head human has body and soul and death is only separation of soul and body death is like sleep after death people will be arise again for Judgement day

Why do Muslims not want peace?

It is one of the worst reasons of all... revenge. If America really wanted to help Iraq they wouldn't have bothered them. How would America feel if Iraq came in and said they were gonna change everything up. And while America is "helping" Iraq by going to war with them many innocent people have died ( Full Answer )

What do Muslim believe about angles and judgment?

In Islam there are five pillars of practicing Islam and six pillars of believe. Among the six pillars of believe two of them are believe in angles and believe in judgement. If someone does not believe in one of these 6 pillars he will automatically throw him/herself out of Islam, and they are not mu ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims believe that Jesus is crucified?

Muslims believe that Jesus was not crucified. They believe that the enemies of Jesus (peace upon him) plotted and planned to crucify Jesus. However, God miraculously saved Jesus and raised him bodily up to Him (to God). God, the all Powerful and the all Capable, put the likeness of Jesus (peace upon ( Full Answer )

What religion do Muslims believe in?

Muslim believe in the Islam religion. Islam is an Arabic word that means submission and surrender to Allah (or God in English and same God worshiped in Judaism and Christianity). Islam began by the universe creation where all God creatures were created under their submission (Islam) (Islam) to God. ( Full Answer )

What do Muslims believe about killing non-believers?

They don't believe in killing non believers. Islam is actually more peaceful than Christianity if their holy texts are taken literally. What is happening now is a result of extreme radicalism in a tiny part of the world's Islamic population. The problem is that now, most people think that all Muslim ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims believe violence is acceptable?

Answer 1 No, all true Muslims believe in peace for all humanity. Islam isthe religion of peace. Eeven its greeting which is "Salam" is theArabic word for "peace". Violence in Islam is not acceptable evenagainst animals. see related questions below for more information. Answer 2 Yes, with condit ( Full Answer )

How do Muslims believe why are humans on earth?

Muslims believe that all human were created for two main objectives: . salvation and full submission to God, the Creator, the one and only one God with no partner, no companion, no son, no father, no resemblance. . to do good deeds for human and nature benefits following the Guides and teachings ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims believe in evolution or creation?

They a strong believers of creation, since they believe in the creation of Adam and Eve as revealed by the Quran. Also the Quran teaches that God had created the universe in 7 days where he created everything explicitly and rested on his throne in the 7th day

What do Muslims believe about the exodus story?

If you mean the Israelites exodus from Egypt. The Koran did mention their flight from Egypt to the holly land in Great detail. As such Muslims do believe this story. The story in Koran describes how the Pharaoh wanted to kill Moses and his followers. Yet, God instructed Mosa to flee Egypt with the J ( Full Answer )

Do muslims believe in god and jesus?

Yes. Muslims worship the same God that Jews and Christians do."Allah" is just the Arabic word for God. Muslims believe that Jesuswas a prophet, but not the son of God and do not believe that heshould be worshiped or is the guarantor of personal salvation.

Who do Muslims believe come after Jesus?

Of course, Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the God prophet who came after prophet Jesus (or Eissa) peace be upon him. They believe that prophet Muhammad is God prophet and messenger; who followed Jesus; to convey to all people the God revelation of Qur'an that was reveal ( Full Answer )

What do muslims believe is inside kaaba?

There are pillars inside Ka'aba. Ka'aba is the House of almightyAllah. It was rebuilt by Hazrat Abraham (AS) assisted by his sonHazrat Ismaiel (AS). Almighty Allah commanded Hazrat Abraham (AS)to announce to the people of the universe (living or yet to takebirth) to come to Ka'aba to perform Hajj. M ( Full Answer )

Will Muslims believers go to heaven?

Answer 1 I am a christian and I think so I mean what kind of God would he be if he sent good morale people to hell simply because they don't think the same things as you or me. Answer 2 It entirely depends on your belief. Of course, Islam will claim that its believers do go to heaven. Most Chris ( Full Answer )

What do Muslims believe about God?

Muslims believe in one and only one God, the sole Creator and who sustains the universe. They believe that God has no partner, no son, no father, no companion, and no resemblance. They believe only God should asked for forgiveness, help, and support. They believe that only God is the All knowing, ( Full Answer )

Do muslims believe in black magic?

yes we do but... the use of it is forbidden in islam due to it harming other people and what not you can find out more information on this if you google it this is just a breif answer

What do Muslims believe about crime and punishment?

Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Cut off the right hand of a thief. Muslims use their right hand for eating and left for um.. wiping. Therefore a thief will always suffer the humiliation of having to eat with the hand he "wipes" with. Tough punishment for people who don't bathe. Adultry (at l ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims believe that Jesus is the Savior?

The concept of savior is not valid in Islam. You, as a Muslim, have your relation directly with God (Allah in Arabic) without any mediator. If you commit a sin or something wrong you repent to God and ask the All-Merciful God directly for forgiveness per God will. Every one is responsible of his/her ( Full Answer )

What do Muslims believe to be evil?

Muslims believe that it is evil all what is against Qur'an instructions and against the teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Examples of evil are: . Violating the Islam five pillars (refer to related question below) . worshiping a partner to Allah (or God and same God worshiped i ( Full Answer )

Can a Muslim who follows the Koran be at peace with non Muslims?

Answer 1 Yes they can be at peace with non Muslims because in the Qur'an it says that you can hate someone. So you can be peace with them but no follow their beliefs. Answer 2 The question as phrased is very nebulous. There are few Moslems who say that they do not follow the Qur'an and even t ( Full Answer )

What does Muslim believe?

Muslims believe that there is none worthy of worship but allah and muhammad is his servant and bondsman. The belief in the 7 imans Holy Books (Bible, Quraan, Torah) The Prophets including (Solomon and Jesus) all of the prophets The Angels. (Including the Angel Gabriel) Belief in God Belief in day ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims believe that non Muslims are infidels?

No, Muslims respect all faiths and religions. They are required just to explain their Islam belief and then respect the choice of others and respect their beliefs. They required to be peaceful and kind to all people irrelevant to their beliefs. refer to question below for more information. ANSWER ( Full Answer )

What do the Muslim believe in?

they believe in peace, respect of oneself and others. _______________________________________ They mainly believe in worshiping one and only one God with no partner, no son, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence and that Muhammad (PBUH) is His prophet and Messenger. They believe in all God ( Full Answer )

What does the Muslim peace fellowship do for world peace?

They haven't done any true peace things yet because even most of themselves have no peaceful mind or soul. Since, they planned the whole world become Muslim in 21st Century. They have to use all the ways, if people cannot be preach by Koren, they will do by marrying 4 and giving birth 4. Once they h ( Full Answer )

What does the Muslim religion say about peace?

That peace is good. I believe it leaves room for a lesser, physical struggle against kafirs or what have you, but the greater struggle is with oneself and your faith (greater and lesser Jihad).

Why do Buddhist believe in peace?

Like most religions/philosophies, Buddhism supports "good" as being better than "bad". Peace is generally seen as a "good" thing and is supported.

How do Muslims bring peace to sa?

There is no such thing as "SA". If you mean Saudi Arabia, Muslims brought peace to Saudi Arabia byuniting the various Arab clans under one head preventing them fromfighting with each other.

Is there peace between Muslims and Hindus?

All human beings should live in peace with one another irrespectiveof religion, caste or color. All of them are the offspring of ONEcouple- Hazrat Adam AS and Hazrat Eve AS.