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It depends on the guy. Some guys are rude and play hard to get, while others are very nice and loving (;

They also start teasing you

if they REALLY like you, they start touching you places. if they do that they really like your stuff.that happens to everyone! especially in like middle and highschool. good luck if ur in a relationship! </*

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Q: How do boys act when they like a girl?
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What do boys hate in girls?

Boys they wont like you as a friend or like like you if you act like a girly girl. That's what boys hate in girls.

Can pee act like sperm?

No But i'm a girl , and i'm freaking out if girls have sperm and if it can act like a boys sperm Do girls have sperm? if they do can they act like a boys sperm? They don't have it

How do boys act to show that they like a girl?

Often they will get nervous around her.

How do boys act to a girl they dont like?

Ignore them or tell them to get lost.

Why do boys act like they can get any girl?

Not all boys act that way. I don't. As for the boys that do, they are just stupid kids full of themselves. I know a lot of them.

Why do boys act mean to their crushes?

Because they don't want other boys to know they like that girl. Trust me, i was like that.

What is the reason that some boys act like girl?

because some of the genetic factars a boy or a man can act as a girl or woman

Why do boys like to tease the girl they like?

boys tease the girls they like because there afraid to act loving to u so they tease you in a funny way.

Do boys ever act like girls around other boys?

surprisingly yes some do! one of my guy friends will just randomly start talking and TRYING to act like a girl. it is hilarius!

How does boy act like a girl?

Boys can act like girls by liking to do what girls do. They would read books that girls usually like and not play to many sports.

How too get boys too like me?

you have too act normal around him cause if you act like its obvious then they are gonna now you like him OK girl there 's you answer bye's

Why do boys act like they like you but act rude to you around other girls?

because they try to act like they like you in front of you then act like they dont in front of their pals/friends/boys/ or whatever you want to call them ----to all you guys out there if i were u i would ask the girl out (the worst thing she can say is no!!:P)

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