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A broadcast fax, or sending a fax to multiple people at one time, works by using a fax server which functions as a gateway and converts digital files into analog.

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Q: How do broadcast fax programs work?
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How does broadcast faxing work exactly?

Broadcast faxing is where someone can send a fax to multiple people at once. What happens is the fax gets scanned first, then when your fax machine is hooked to fax server technology, it will forward the fax to thousands simultaneously.

What is a good fax broadcast service?

Open Fax is a great fax broadcast service. This fax broadcast service is an inexpensive service at three cents a page with all the qualities needed to send a fax through the internet. They can even email the sender a copy of the fax.

How effective is Broadcast fax software?

The effectiveness of a broadcast fax software is dependent on the brand. CNET gives Impact Fax Broadcast software a four star rating, so it may be very effective.

Which companies offer broadcast fax services?

There are many companies and websites that offer broadcast fax services for potential customers. Some of these companies that offer the services are Open Fax and Global Fax.

How do you send a broadcast fax?

You can easily broadcast fax documents using internet fax service. By just including the email address or the email fax number of your fax recipient into the carbon copy(cc) section of your email, you can automatically send a single fax to different group or individual.

Where can one find fax broadcast software?

You can find fax broadcast software to download with no viruses everywhere over the internet. One of the many places to find this software is at jBlast.

How do you feed several numbers in the fax machine?

It depends on the model you have - refer to your user manual for specifics. The term you are looking for it "broadcast fax" - usually you would need to save those numbers to the fax machine's memory, then when sending a broadcast fax select the numbers (or list) you would want to send to.

Where can I find information about online fax programs?

Yes, there are programs online that you can use to fax from your computer. Myfax, onlinefax, Efax, are all programs you can use and claim to be as easy as mail.

What is the best day and time to send broadcast fax?

The best day to send the broadcast fax is between Monday and Friday. It is very important to send them during office hours so as to get immediate attention and feedback.

What are the benefits of broadcast fax service?

A broadcast fax service can be useful is you want to send something to a number of people. It may be that you have something time sensitive like a news article and you wish to send it to a number of people.

How can one learn how to use a Broadcast fax machine?

You can learn to use a broadcast fax machine by simply reading the instructions in the owner's manual. Depending on the model, instructions may also be available online at the company's website.

What are some examples of computer fax programs?

There are online fax programs such as eFax that allow you to send and receive faxes online for free. Soho66 is a fax company which allows you to choose from one of nine million available fax numbers for just ‘£2 per month.

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