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How do chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

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I think this is what your asking for;

1. What is Chlamydomonas?

Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is a unicellular green alga.

Chlamydomonas swims with two flagella, and has chloroplasts for photosynthesis.

Chlamydomonas has nothing to do with Chlamydia, by the way.


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Compare the ways amoeba and chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

compare the ways the amoeba and the chlamydomonas obtain nutrients

How do the Chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

Chlamydomonas obtains nutrients (energy) through the process of photosynthesis :)))))))

How does chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

Chlamydomonas is a single celled aquatic alga . It possess chloroplast and chlorophyll, it prepares its food by photosynthesis .

How do amoeba and chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

Amoeba obtains food by phagocytosis while Chlamydomonas is photsynthetic and prepares its own food from carbon dioxide and water .

How do chlamydomonas get nutrients?


What is the feeding method for Chlamydomonas?

since chlamy is an alga, it gets its nutrients and energy from Photosynthesis

How do plants obtain nutrients?

Plants obtain nutrients by photosynthesis.

What is the species and genus for chlamydomonas?

Chlamydomonas isKingdom: ProtistaDivision: ChlorophytaClass: ChlorophyceaeOrder: VolvocalesFamily: ChlamydomonadaceaeGenus: ChlamydomonasThe genus chlamydomonas has 4 identified species:Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiChlamydomonas caudata WilleChlamydomonas moewusiiChlamydomonas nivalis

How do animals obtain their nutrients?

There are many ways in which animals obtain their nutrients. Many of these animals choose to eat or absorb their nutrients.

What eats chlamydomonas?

what eats chlamydomonas

How do plants fungi and animals obtain nutrients?

Everything needs some sort of nutrients to live. Fungi get their nutrients from photosynthesis, plants do the same and obtain it from the roots, animals obtain their nutrients from eating plants, and other animals.

How do lilies obtain nutrients from the soil?

Lilies obtain nutrients from the soil from through roots, rootlets, and root hairs.

How does the respiratory system obtain nutrients?

what does nutrients got to do with the respiratory

Are chlamydomonas isogamous?

Most species of Chlamydomonas are isogamous .

What organism must obtain nutrients?

All organisms need nutrients.

How does mushroom obtain its nutrients?

Mushrooms get their nutrients by decomposing organic matter.

Is chlamydomonas a green unicellular organism?

Yes Chlamydomonas is a green unicellular alga.

How does fungi obtain nutrients?


Fungi obtain nutrients by?


How do archaebacteria obtain nutrients?


How does fungus obtain nutrients?


Does fungi obtain its nutrients?

Yes it does.

How do fungi obtain nutrients?

Fungi obtain nutrients by absorbing nutrients from their surroundings after breaking them down w/digestive juices. ~Holt Science & Technology, Life Science Textbook

Is chlamydia the same as Chlamydomonas?

Chlamydia's a bacterium. Chlamydomonas is an alge. They are not the same.

Why must cells obtain energy and nutrients?

Without energy and nutrients they will die.