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How do contractors make sure water will not leak through a bathroom shower floor?

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People do many things in the bathroom including on the toilet, shower, and mirror, or on the floor. These are highly classified you did not get these answers from us?

The flange connects to the shower and just goes through the floor. It shouldn't mount to the floor.

It is in the large bathroom on the floor near the shower/bathtub(where Amber is)

Well the first thing to check is that the shower door or curtain is closed. Secondly you can check that the sealent on the frame of the shower is in good order.

Curtains were used to keep water from getting on the bathroom floor when you take a shower

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== == Water can very well find it's way through the floor. It is usually at areas where the tile meets a vertical area at a shower or tub. Movement can occur in these areas. It is best to caulk joints such as these, instead of grout. The caulking will flex, but the grout will crack and allow water to penetrate.

First determine what you are going to install as the shower unit. If there is to be no shower unit and it will just drain through the concrete floor, then it will be flush with the floor. If you are installing a unit, then you need to look at the unit to determine the distance obove the concrete to place the drain.

The handrails around a commode and shower area should be 34" to the center from the FINISHED floor.

There are paints that you can use to paint your shower walls and shower floor. You can use acrylic paints.

If you would like to add a shower to your second bathroom, a shower kit may be the easiest way to install one. Shower kits come mostly preassembled, so all you need to do is install the kit or have a plumber do it for you. Shower kits include the walls and floor of the shower, but you will still need to buy faucets and a shower head. Shower kits also come with preinstalled shelving and cut outs for the soap dish. Shower kits come in many different sizes, so you should select the one that is best for the size of your bathroom.

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The only thing I can think of is, if you have a shower curtain, you are letting the curtain hang over the outside of the tub. Water hits the curtain and drips down onto the floor, causing your bathroom to flood. If this is what is happening, just put the curtain on the inside of the tub. :)

Tile floor contractors make between 37k and 57k a year. These salaries may vary depending on your location.

A bath rug is a mat, usually of some absorbant material, that you step on when you get out of the bath or shower so you don't slop up the floor. It also prevents slipping and perhaps a fall if the floor of the bathroom is tile.

Shower spouts are usually 60 - 70 inches above the tub floor.

This depends on what shower fixture you mean, shower head? mixer? tap? shower floor drain?

Get a professional to do it.

I mount them 70 inches from the floor of the shower.

Most likely a drain has dried out and there is no water in the trap to stop the gas from coming up. Sink, shower, or main floor drain.

Usually 48" off bottom of shower floor to center of shower faucet.

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