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How do different modes on a camera effect how the picture will come out?

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May 04, 2007 3:21PM

Sometimes the difference may be minor, but if you're not familiar with all of the various manual settings, it can make the difference between getting the picture or missing it. For example, you may have an action mode, represented on the dial by a guy running or holding something like a tennis racket. What that does is lean toward the faster shutter speeds within the light available. That freezes movement which would otherwise be blurred. It also reduces blur from camera shake. That is similar to what shutter priority can do, except you can also create more blur if you like. Aperture priority is for situtaions where there is little motion to worry about, but you want either maximum depth (both subject and background in focus) or a shallow field where the background is as out of focus as possible. This is where it helps to do two things: really read the instructions for your model so you know its capabilities. The other thing is to become familiar with ISO, depth of field and shutter speed. There are many books, such as the Joy of Photography by Kodak which will get you thinking. If the camera manual is hard to decode, I suggest locating the Magic Lantern guide for your camera, if one is in print. I hope that helps.