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make them give you one

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How do you lease a car?

You go to a dealership, just like if you were going to buy one... then you tell them that you want to do a lease deal instead. You can also arrange a lease or a purchase online now.

Where can I find information about car lease?

According to what type of vehicle you are wanting to lease, you would need to check at your local dealership. There is also a great website online that can guide you to the best deal named

Where can one lease a Ford with a special deal?

Any Ford dealership will have lease specials, especially to first-time lessees. For up-to-date information you can visit the Ford website and locate lease specials. Aside from that it's best to ask your local Ford salesman.

Is it a better deal to lease or buy a car?

Usually buying a car outright is a better deal if you can pay upfront without a loan. If you do need a loan, then depending on the deal you get for the loan vs. the lease it can be a better deal to lease, but not usually.

What is the abstract noun for dealer?

Abstract nouns for dealer are a deal or dealership.

How do I negotiate a car lease deal?

The contracts are usually fairly standard across the board. You will be able to try to talk the price of the car down at any dealership. If you get money off your car, your monthly payments will be less costly.

You signed a car lease today but found a better deal at another dealership afterwards you have to give them proof of income tomorrow and the down payment but you want out Is there anyway?

Yes, just tell me you don't want it. You might lose your deposit, but that's it.

Where could a person find a lease deal on a Buick?

The official website for Buick would be the best way to find a lease deal. They have a variety of different offers and choices you might be able to choose from.

Can you sue the car dealership if the deal was denied from the bank?

No! its not the dealerships fault.!>!!>!:)>)>)

Can a convicted felon get a car dealership license in Virginia?

License to deal in WHAT

Can the car dealership rescind a rebate after you have the car?

Once the deal is signed, you have the power.......

Can the dealership take your car?

If you mean can the dealership take your car, if you don't make your payments. Yes. Usually the finance company will take your car, because the dealership has already passed your account to the finance company. If you have made a deal for a car that the dealership later discovers you don't meet the financial criteria, they will take your car back and offer you a lesser model for deal that suits your budget better.

Can you exchange a car bought in a dealership but has not been paid off?

I don't know of any dealership that would allow that. On the other hand any dealership will accept a vehicle bought from them for trade in, but I have no doubt that you will lose money on the deal.

Buying a leased house?

You can still do a lease-option deal, as long as the landlord is willing.

Are there any common loopholes that I can use to get out of my rent or lease agreement?

A rent or lease agreement is very secure and hard to get out of. A deal has to be made with the rental company to terminate the lease. These usually require getting somebody else to take over the apartment for the rest of the lease term.

Destroyers to base deal?

The Lend Lease Act. it was actually a deal between the united states and the united kingdom and it was for the exchange for land rights on the British possessions!!! not the Lend Lease act because that was to provide the allied nations with war material!!!

What happens if the car dealership has lost the paperwork?

If the car dealership has lost the paperwork, they are responsible for finding it. You may be able to get out of the deal if you wish to at this point since they were totally irresponsible.

Can you be evicted in 24 hours without a evition notice?

if you have lease, you cannot be evicted without an eviction notice,or notice to quit. If you do not have a lease you will need to deal with legal authorities on this.

Where can one go to get good Fiat deals?

Typically one would go to a Fiat dealership to get a good deal on a Fiat. Often the price can be negotiated to some degree with the dealership. Dealerships will sometimes have some used Fiats in their inventory on which an even better deal can be had.

How do I get ex-girlfriend off a lease?

Talk to the landlord..... maybe he can draw up a new lease..... There are some laws that deal with this so I'm not really sure. Sorry

How do you take dealership?

thats an easy question just go to michael jackson and deal drugs with his doctor

Does selling your car back to the dealership a good deal?

No. They'll scam you and give you much less money.

What is a take over payments deal in real estate?

It is a comon deal known as a lease purchase with taking the house subject to the existing financing staying in place.

Would you get a better deal buying a used Audi from a past owner or a delearship?

You would likely get a better deal buying a used Audi from a past owner. The dealership will charge you more, unless you are trading in an old vehicle. If this is the case, you may be able to get a better price at the dealership.

Where can one find deals on an Audi A4?

One interesting way to get a good deal on any car is to identify the car in mind and determine the price one is willing to pay. Then, spend a day calling each dealership in town. By telling the dealership that the car will be purchased by the end of the day, they will often offer a better deal than visiting the dealership in person might offer.

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