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I just replaced the rear brakes on our 02 explorer. If you have 4 wheel disc than the rear "hubs" are rotor hubs and once you remove the callipers you may have to back off on the emergency brake pads by turning the self adjuster. By the way you shouldn't have the e-brake on at all or you can not remove the rear rotor-hubs.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-12 23:54:19
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Q: How do get the rear hub asembely off a 2002 explorer?
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Torque spec for rear axle nut on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

what is the Torque spec for rear axle hub nut on a 2002 ford explorer

How do you replace rear hub bearing on a 2002 v-6 4x4 ford explorer sports trac?

Get a real truck.

How do you replace rear hub bearing assembly on 2003 v-8 4x4 Ford Explorer?

Haynes Repair Manual #36025, Ford Explorer 2002-2006, Chapter 10, "Hub and bearing assembly (rear) replacement": Due to the special tools and expertise required to press the hub and bearing from the rear knuckle, this job should be left to a professional mechanic. However, the knuckle may be removed and taken to an automotive machine shop or other qualified repair facility equipped with the necessary tools.

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How do you replace front wheel bearings on Ford Explorer 2003?

How do you replace rear wheel hub and bearing.

Where can i get a free 2002 Suzuki 500 quad runner repair manual?

How can I get the rear hub off my 2002 500 quad runner to look at the rear brakes???

What size is front wheel hub nut on a 2002 ford explorer?


What is the tourke specification on the rear hub on a 2002 altima?

58 to 72 ft lbs

How do you replace a rear wheel bearing assembly on a 2004 Chevy venture?

taking out rear hub asembly on a 2002 Chevy ventura

How do you change a bent rear wheel hub of a 2002 Nissan altima?

I have a 2003 that sounds like it has a bad rear hub bearing. I plan to change it this week. I'll let you know when I'm done.

How do you stop a roaring rear end of a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

change hub bearing assbly

How do you replace the rear wheel bearings on my 2002 vivaro van?

You replace it as part of the rear disc assembly. Remove rear wheel and hub nut cover undo hub nut,then remove the rear caliper and pull the disc off the stub axle.

How can you remove the rear rotors on a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada?

To remove the rear rotors on a 2002 Oldsmobile, a wheel puller will be necessary. A wheel puller has a foot that attaches to the hub, with feet that attach to the rotor. The more the wheel puller is turned, the more it pushes on the hub and loosens the rotor.

How do you change a rear hub on a Chevrolet Cobalt?

how to change rear hub on 2006 chevy cobalt 2.2l

Do you have to tear into the rear end to change wheel bearings on 2002 traker?

no , if you remove the rear hub there will be four 13 mm bolts holding the retaining plate in place , remove these bolts and the rear axle will slide out , if the rear brakes will not release fully you can remove the nuts from the rear and pull hub and all at one go though be very careful if this manner is attemted

How do you change wheelbearing in a 2002 Chevy Venture?

Rear you have to change the entire hub assembly Front you have to remove the axle shaft

How do you pack the rear wheel bearings on a 2002 Toyota Avalon?

you don't they are sealed bearings. they will need pressed out of the hub to change them.

How is the front wheel on a bicycle different from the rear wheel?

The rear wheel has a different hub; the gears attach to it. Alternatively the rear hub has gears or a brake or a dynamo built into it. The front hub will sometimes have a dynamo built into it, other than that it is just a plain hub.

Torque spec on front hub 2000 ford explorer?

The 2000 Ford Explorer front hub nut has a torque specification of 140 pounds of pressure. The hub should not be over tighten. Over tightening can ruin the seal.

When was Hub Culture created?

Hub Culture was created in 2002-11.

What is the rear axle hub nut torque on a landrover p38?

The rear axle hub nut should be torqued to 260Nm or 192 lb/ft - this applies also to the front axle hub nut.

What are the torque specs for wheel hub on a 2002 envoy?

The axle/hub nut torque on a 2002 GMC Envoy is 103 ft.lbs.

What is the rear hub nut setting on a Renault Megane 1.4 1997?

The torque settings for the rear hub nut (in the Haynes manual) is 175Nm or 127lb ft.

What is the torque value for a 2003 ford focus rear wheel hub nut?

the torque value is 173foot-lbs for 2003 focus rear hub nut

Instructions on how to change the rear hub wheel bearings on a 1996 Chevy cavalier?

Instructions on how to change the rear hub wheel bearings on a 1996 Chevy cavalier

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