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Ok, heres how it is: guys act like girls are just meat that they can fight over- but this is just an act between their friends. they just do this to act manly around each other. they REALLY DO care about us but they hate to admit it because then, well, they would lose their manly-ness. i know, confusing right? just dont sweat it. you'll know whether or not a guy likes you but until then enjoy being single cuz its a lot better- trust me!

Also, guys, dont worry about the whole "popularity contests". Dont try to be popular or full of yourself. its really dumb and a TOTAL turn off. boys (and girls) like you for who you are

thats not necessarily true some boy dont care what other people think about them

Being a guy in middle school myself I know how they feel. Some guys just want to make out and have sex with girls, even in middle school. Some guys (like me) really care about girls would like to be close to them. Most guys however think of girls as trophies and will try to go out with popular girls just to say they did. One way to tell he is guy that actually cares for is how he looks at you and how much he pays attention to you when you talk. Ask your boyfriend what you said to him yesterday, if he really tries to remember (I have bad memory so that would be me) or if he actually does remember, keep him. If he doesn't then dump him.

I'm a girl in middle school too! and most guys are horny and try to get with girls but there is aways that group of guys wich includes my boyfriend that they are nice and are really good friends with girls. most of the girls in my class eaither have lost there virginity or are trying to loose it !

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Q: How do guys honestly feel about girls and their relationships with girls during middle school?
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Can middle school relationships last?

highly unlikely.

How many middle school couples get married?

About .002% of middle school relationships last until marriage.

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The motto of Kingsview Middle School is 'It's all about relationships, relevance, and rigor'.

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The boys, generally.

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How long do relationships last when your in grade 7?

It depends on the compatibility level but mot middle school relationships last less than a week

What do you do with your girlfriend in middle school?

Usually, you hold hands, hang out at your house, go to the movies, go on double or group dates, nothing to serious. Middle school relationships are just for fun

How do you get a girl to like me in middle school?

Be yourself! If she doesn't end up liking you, then she isn't for you! Also, if you are in middle school you shouldn't worry about relationships - worry about friendships because those are what will last you through high school and through life.

Could relationships still survive if one goes to High School while the other stays in Middle School for another year?

yes. but it is hard.

How come guys don't show their real feelings in middle school and don't take the relationship seriously?

Generally, guys do not show their feelings and don't take relationships seriously in middle school because they are not yet mature. However, as boys age most will begin to take relationships seriously.

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Relationships between people in high school of different ages are very common. They happen because age no longer matters as much in high school as it does in middle school.These kinds of relationships may be different in the sense that the older person of the couple is able to drive, allowing the couple to go out way more.

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Should middle school kids have boyfriends?

some people's hormones may be more developed then others, and i would say that yes, it is alright to be in a relationship when your in middle school. however, getting into a serious relationship when in middle school is not a good idea. young adults in middle school are subject to changes, and will usually have many relationships throughout the year. its fine if you want to be in a relationship in middle school, just be careful and dont do anything that you"ll regret later on!

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first are you in middle school or high school? second it depends on the school honestly just check your school extra-curricular activities. it varies from school to school. i took drama(i was forced to ) there's art and drama,choir.

How long do middle school relationships last?

in High school onward It depends on how long that person loves you and how long they want to be together. in middle school they dont even mean anything and might last a few months at the most, your better off waiting

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Are relationships pointless in middle school?

xcuse me! I have a huuuuge crush on this guy, so NO!!!!! a crush isn't a relationship. just saying. yeah they are completely pointless. 2 lucky people find each other and everyone else goes thru a differnent person each month, someimtes week. wait till your in high school. middle school relationships don't mean ANYTHING.