How do i fix my Alienware m17x - R1 Series laptop webcam When I use the webcam it has an inverted image driver is up to date too?

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Try manually installing the drivers by going to the website or (for systems purchased before '09) , if not try to find and install to an earlier version
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How do you use a webcam?

The first step is to get the necessary drivers and applications installed. Read the instructions that came with it. Usually this is only a matter of plugging the camera into your computer and putting the CD in. The CD should autorun and install everything itself. But read the manual if you get stuck ( Full Answer )

What does a webcam do?

What is a Webcam? A webcam (also called web camera) can take videosand images, and then send them in real-time to another PC eitherthrough the internet or through a local network. Most webcamsconnect to the computer via the PS/2 or USB port. Wireless webcamsconnect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Most webca ( Full Answer )

What are the uses of a webcam?

Record the funny, sexy and memorable events using your webcam. . Set up an affordable surveillance system for your office, home or shop. try this software: Advanced Webcam Recorder

What is a webcam?

A webcam is essentially just a camera that is connected to a computer, either directly or wirelessly, and gathers a series of images for remote display elsewhere.

How do you use your laptop webcam?

It's hard to answer your question because there's factors regarding which laptop you have and what OS you're running. Check out this page if it's an HP laptop webcam running under Microsoft Vista: Or on facebook you go on cha ( Full Answer )

How do you use your webcam?

Using your webcam will depend on what type of webcam you have, andspecifically, whether it is a built-in webcam, or one that waspurchased separately. Usually, a webcam simply needs to be turnedon, and will work to capture images and video.

How is a webcam used?

a webcam is used to monitor things or to have a vidio chat with somebody

What is the webcam used for?

The web cam is used to take pictures, videos and many other things so you can make movies, connect with people over the Internet who could be even in another country, or go on Chat-room Roulette [lol ;)]. The web cam is also GREAT for people who are deaf or mute, as they can use sign language to com ( Full Answer )

What can you use a webcam for?

I could use it for capturing a still image only once every 30 seconds, while others provide streaming video by capturing 30 images per second. Or I capture a series of digital images that are transferred by the computer to a server and then displayed to the hosting page. There are even sites that al ( Full Answer )

What is a webcam used for?


How do you fix your webcam?

First you have to tell us whats wrong with it. Mine looks like a heat map , its very broken yet it was hardly ever used . Also once I fix that problem how do I get it work on msn ?

What do webcams do?

They are Camera's for your Computer, You can take pictures or video on them, Or Video Chat with your Friends on MSN, Skype or any of those Sites!

How do you hook up my webcam for my Acer laptop?

The Acer Laptop should have the built in crystal eye webcam. However it is only activated when using a program requiring a webcam. (Msn chat, skype etc etc) Unless you are using the webcam through one of those programs (or similar programs) then you will not see your webcam show up.

How do you put laptop webcams on your laptop?

Usb style plug into your Usb slot. The rectangular slot that all pcs' have. If it came with a disk you may have to install some software. Most new cams are "plug n play" . You need to be in a program that rrequires it to activate however. Like skype or msn, If you just plug it in most do no ( Full Answer )

Who uses a webcam and why?

People use webcams to have video conversations over the internet. I use a webcam and you can talk to another person on another computer with the webcam... it helps to stay in touch with family

Can any webcam be used on a laptop?

Yes. Any webcam that can be connected to your laptop (such as via the USB port), and has drivers available for your operating system (such as XP or Vista) can be used on a laptop.

Do webcams work on laptops?

Yes. Any webcam that connects through a standard connection (like USB or FireWire) can be used on any webcam that has those connectors.

What can a webcam be used for?

My daughter gets married in Australia shortly I can't be present, how can I get to see the wedding on my computer

Where webcam is on your laptop?

Most laptops have their webcams on the top of the screen. If you look closely, you should notice a small hole of some sort. That should be the camera/webcam.

What is the first laptop with built in webcam?

Uhm... To be honest with you, I really don't know and really don't care I jsut need an answer for this question. Thx and ask me for more answers that I don't care about. Peace, Douches!!

How do you use your Samsung laptop webcam?

You have to use a website which allows you to take pictures and record videos, as Samsung laptops have no short-cuts, programmes, applications etc. to do so itself. I think this is a bad thing which should be suggested to the company; it has a built-in webcam but nothing to use it on. You can try si ( Full Answer )

How do you use your HCL laptop webcam?

To use your laptop webcam, you have to install a program that is compatible with webcam chat such as Skype or MSN. Both programs are free and can be downloaded on their websites.

How do you use your laptop webcam for a dell inspiron 1520?

Hi! it depends on what you want to use it for, The dell web cam folder found under the start / All Programs will get you started. The web cam can be used for web broadcast, recording yourself to send to someone else, or to link live via a client like Windows messenger live. Some versions can be set ( Full Answer )

How do you activate the webcam on your hp laptop?

Usually the Web cam option will be available in the Task Bar. If you are using Windows 7 then there is a easiest way. Just type down Web cam in the search then option will be available. Just click it.

Can you use a PlayStation eye as a webcam on a laptop?

The Playstation Eye would need a driver for the laptop and it would not really fit on anything. In short why would you want to when there are much better products to use as a webcam for a laptop.

How do you plug in webcame on laptop?

Almost all web-cams these days come with a USB plug. Simply find a vacant USB port and 'plug & go' ! If your laptop already as a built-in web-cam, you might have to switch between the two - For example, I use Paltalk and sometimes I need to use an external web-cam instead of the built-in one - Palta ( Full Answer )

How do you fix your webcam on your dell laptop?

Some time question arises that How fix dell webcam driver, webcam central and webcam manager problem. here I tried to solve the problem of how fix dell webcam driver, webcam central and webcam manager problem. But the only thing that I can help you in webcam manager is that yes it is a best way to u ( Full Answer )

How can you use a webcam?

you go to your search bar on your computer and type in " webcam" or " video web camra"

How get your webcam on?

Well, you should have software on your computer/laptop for it. If not then Download some from the internet- there should be some for free but make sure your anti-virus software is working. If the screen for your webcam seems to be blank then this might mean that your drivers need updating. So click ( Full Answer )

Can you hook two laptop together to use the webcam?

Not sure what you mean, if your trying to video chat than download Skype, but if your trying to connect together 2 laptops to use the webcam on the other computer that's next to impossible to do

Do school laptops have a webcam?

many schools give the permission for it and many laptops have this feature. number of students used this technology for their project work.

How do you get on the webcam?

You have to signup for a webcam site and it's usually pretty straight forward, you create a profile, turn on your webcam and you are live in front of millions of people from your bedroom.

How do you fix your laptop webcam?

Go to the manufactures official website and navigate to the drivers & downloads page. From there you can enter in your laptop model or serial number and it will provide all of the available software and drivers. From there you can reinstall the webcam drivers which will more than likely fix your pro ( Full Answer )

Can you use a portable webcam on a laptop?

Absolutely. I have a Toshiba laptop with a built-in webcam. I also have an external web-cam - which I use for security monitoring. Both cameras work equally well.

Can you uninstall webcam from Toshiba laptop?

Yes - simply go to the Control panel, and select 'programs and features' - look for the software for the cam in the list - and click it. All you need to do is confirm you want to remove the software.

What do you click on to get to the webcam on a dell laptop?

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What is the purpose of having a webcam on a laptop?

Web cams are built in to most computers these days. You can use them to take a picture of yourself or family members. Or you can use them to have video chats with friends ad family.

Where can one purchase a webcam for a laptop?

One can purchase a web cam for a laptop from retail or electronic stores like Future Shop, Best Buy, Target and many more. One can also purchase it from online retailers like eBay or Amazon.

Where can one purchase a laptop with a webcam?

Many laptops feature built-in web cameras. They are available for sale alongside normal laptops wherever computers are sold. Places to try include Amazon, Best Buy, and Kmart.