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How do i get a list of my job history and dates?

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This would be a list created and maintained by you. You can look at past tax returns for the companies and then call each of them up and ask for the dates of employment. You can list Human Resources and their phone number as a contact for those jobs. A copy of a federal application would be a good place to list the jobs and your duties, their address and so on, for future reference.

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If I get a new job, can they see my employment history?

An employer cannot see an employment history that is not provided by you. If you do not wish for them to know about a certain job, then just do not list it.

In what section of the resume would you place a list of your duties on your last job?

Work History

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What if I was terminated and I don't want to tell my new employer?

If they ask, you can't lie. Also, if you list your previous job as a reference or list it under employment history, then you have to tell them. Other than that, you don't have to tell.

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In this section of the job application you should list all of the relevant qualifications.Make sure to keep the list focused and not to stray too far from the desired job skills.

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A sample resume for a sales lady should list your name, contact email address, and phone number at the top. Next write a brief paragraph as to why you would like to apply for the job, listing your qualifications and why you would be a good fit for the position. Lastly, list your job experience with name of company and dates worked. List a contact person for each previous job.

When filling out a job application do you have to list your gender?

When filling out a job application you might have to list your gender. This might just be for the company's database.

Is history just a list of facts?

History is just a thing of the past

What is a job application?

A job application is a form a person fills out to give a prospective employer basic information about that individual. It will usually ask for complete legal name, address, date of birth , past work history and a list of references.

Summary in job application why should get job?

On a job application, people can list the skills they possess in the area that asks why they should get the job. People should also list past experiences that may them qualified for the position.

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Why is it important to provide your work history on a job application?

so that way the manager can see what you already know and its a more possible chance they will hire you but if u have no work history (like me) lol u can just list what u can do and already know

Do you have to put the location of your jobs on resume or will the dates suffice?

Listing just the dates will not suffice. You must list each employer, the dates you were employed, and a brief description of your responsibilities within that job. Just listing the dates will only accomplish one thing; not getting an interview.

Do you have any reference list?

It is a good idea to prepare a list of references before you go to a job interview. You should contact those on your reference list to verify that they are willing to provide a job reference for you.

What is another name for a duty list?


If you have a misdemeanor do you have to list it on your job application?


Do libraries usually have a list of job openings in the area?

Most libraries do have a list of local job available. Some libraries also have them posted on their websites.