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If he sees you very often ,then he wants you back.but,you will have to wait.

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Q: How do i know if my ex guy wants me back?
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How do you know when you ex wants you back?

If he's still calling ..

How do you know when an ex-boyfriend wants you back?

He says, "I want you back."

How do you know if your ex want you back?

If your ex wants you back he/she will call, text, or e-mail you ALL the time.

If you love this guy and you know he loves you to but he also loves his ex and is trying to get back with her.. but he is confused on what to do what should you do?

you're not going to get a very committed relationship out of a guy who doesn't know what he wants. give him some time.

How do you know if your ex girlfriend wants you back?

they tell you :) I know that didn't help but i tried!

Your ex fiance who cheated on you is acting like you wants to get back together you never got over him but you are also interested in this other guy now What do you do?

Go with other guy. But get over the ex so that new guy doesn't feel like he's competing or being compared to ex. Ex obviously only wants what he can't have. If he gets you back, then the game is over.

What does it mean when your ex talks about you with another guy?

Maybe the other guy likes u and wants to know bout u or ur ex still has intetest in u

If a guy you really like asked you out but your ex wants to get back together what should you do?

tell your ex the first time didnt work out and go out with the new guy and see if it works out

Should you trust a guy when he says he wants to hold off talking so he can get over his ex?

no because most likely he wants to get back wiht his ex girlfriend. i ama guy and i have seen this first hand but i have never done it

Why would your ex's best friend try to prevent another guy from asking you out?

probably because your ex wants to get back with you or the best friend wants to get with you... The best friend fancies you, hon.

How do you no if your ex wants you back?

Guys are simple. If your ex wants you back, he will tell you... "I want you back" Don't make it more complicated then it is.

Should you go back to your Ex girlfriend if she broke up with you go out with another guy but then broke up with him and now wants you back?

No. She just wants the other guy to be jealous. She either still likes you or is 'player'-ish.

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