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Pulsation in brake pedal when stopping?

yes and also a shake or shimmy in the steering wheel when brake. your brakes may also chatter

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Q: How do i know my rotors are warped?
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Is there a rumbling noise when you brake with warped rotors?

There can be. Only way to know is have your brakes and rotors inspected.

Do warped rotors cause car to shake only when giving it gas?

No, warped rotors will cause vibration when braking.

How do you know if your rotors are bad?

If you have a pulsation on stopping the rotors are warped. They will need to be checked with a micrometer to determine if they can be resurfaced of discarded. The government set the regulations.

How do you know if a brake rotor is warped?

A warped rotor or rotors can cause a pulsation when applying the brakes. The car may shake a bit or a lot, depending on the condition of the rotor(s). Further diagnosis is recommended (and soon) as warped rotors may lead to loss of control of a vehicle that is braking.

Your Montero shakes when you push the brakes?

Warped rotors

What does it mean when you hear knocking as you brake?

warped rotors

What would cause a 2003 maxima to shake when hitting the brakes?

A common reason is that the front rotors have warped. Go check out WikiAnswers on the topic of "warped brake rotors". Rotors should wear out smoothly in normal driving. Use of the brakes that generate lots of heat (hard braking, riding the brakes) will result in warped rotors.

What would make a 97 jeeps brakes to pulsate?

Warped rotors. Driving using the left foot to brake causes the rotors to heat up. Quenching the hot rotors by driving thru water will cause them to warp. The warped rotors cause the pedal to pulsate.

What can cause Front brakes on 2001 Monte to pulsate?

The front rotors are out of round or warped, Need to have the rotors turned.

Brakes pulse at end when almost stopped?

Front rotors warped or out of round. Have rotors turned and that will fix your problems.

Why does a car shake when stopped?

you most likely have warped brake rotors

Your brake is fine how come it vibrates when you do your brake?

Rotors may be warped

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