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If you have a 1995-2000, remove the serpentine belt if a 2.2L, disconnect the lines from the pump (one should be clipped, the other has a screw fitting), remove the mounting bolts then remove the pump. If you have a 2.2L, then you will also have to remove the pulley so you can use it on the new pump. For this you will need pulley removal and installation tools whish you should be able to acquire through your local parts store. Now you are going to reverse the process: if 2.2L, install the pulley onto the new pump, mount the Power Steering pump back onto the car. You should torque the mounting bolts to 22-25 ft.lbs (30-34 Nm). Next, reconnect the lines to the pump, with the high pressure line being torqued to 20 ft.lbs (27 Nm). If you have a 2.2L, reinstall the serpentine belt. You should now fill the pump to "full cold" level, then, hopefully with the help of a friend so you don't have to walk back and forth, rotate the steering wheel to lock about 20 or so times (helps if you have the front end suspended). Continue to fill the reservoir until it stays at the "full cold" level. Next, start the car and turn the wheel from lock to lock until no bubbles are produced (if they don't stop, you may have to replace your lines). At this point in time you should have smooth steering. If you do not, you may need to investigate your rack and pinion. -Akumakai

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Q: How do i replace a Power steering pump in a 2002 Chevy cavalier?
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