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Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain

Take a pregnancy test or go to your doctor. It is the only way to get a definite answer. Doctors are there to help you. If the test comes back negative then you should go to your doctors for trained advice.

While A vaginal yeast infection is a type of vaginitis - inflammation of the vagina - characterized by vaginal irritation, intense itchiness and vaginal discharge. A vaginal yeast infection affects your vagina and the tissues at the opening to your vagina (vulva).

If your symptoms are led by vaginal yeast infection, immediate treatment is needed, you should go to see your doctor to discuss the most suitable treatment. By the way, herbal therapy "fuyan pill" from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic has great effects on curing vaginal yeast infection.

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Q: How do know if it is pregnancy or just a yeast infection?
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Could a bladder infection during pregnancy cause spotting?

A bladder infection may cause spotting but you might also think about a yeast infection. You may want to let your dr. know about it and they will check it out for you. Yeast infections are real common in pregnancy, But don't get a yeast infection cream until you know for sure that, that's what it is.

You are a 13 year old girl and you need to know if you have a yeast infection?

You can only get a yeast infection if you are sexually active

Is it normal to have a yeast infection while pregnant?

Yes, it is common to get yeast infections during pregnancy. You need to call your OB and let them know you think you have a yeast infection. They will let you know how to handle it. Prenatal care is VERY important.....because even something simple like a Bladder infection (UTI) can cause preterm labor.

Do every woman has yeast infection?

No. Not everyone woman will get one. I, have had a yeast infection 7 times when i was little but you know, thats just me. Some women will never ever get one.

Could a bladder infection be caused by pregnancy?

no; I don't believe so but how do you know its a bladder infection it could just be pregnancy it self

What to use for yeast infection?

Pls Help me out anyone? i need to know what medicine you use to treat yeast infection

If your vagina tastes like cheese are you pregnant?

um no ... ur just in desperate need of a wash! or have a yeast infection perhaps? If you really want to know if you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

What could be wrong if you have a strong fishy smell but no soreness and you know there is no infection?

How do you know there is no infection? You may have a yeast infection.

How do you know if it is a yeast infection or ovulation?

The mucus during a yeast infection will be yellowish and sticky. Ovulation mucus is clear and slippery.

How do you know it is a yeast infection?

You have a yeast infection when you have all or some of the following: Burning Irritation Creamy discharged Odor Itchiness

You think you have a yeast infection what do you do?

If you think that you have a yeast infection it's best to go to your doctor to confirm - especially if sexually active in case it is something more serious. You can use an over-the-counter yeast infection treatment once you know that it is a yeast infection.

Can yeast infections cause late or missed period?

No, yeast infections cannot cause your period to be late.Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycles, a domino effect of hormonal changes between your brain and reproductive organs, your menstrual cycle should continue as normal whether you have a yeast infection or not. A yeast infection is just a vaginal infection, when naturally occurring yeast in your vagina overgrows and causes irritation - just treat the infection. If your period is late it is due to something else, maybe stress or ill health but if sexually active pregnancy is a possibility too.

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