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Well, They learn from their parents.

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Q: How do people learn what are acceptable behaviors and which ones are not?
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According to Skinner how do people learn what are acceptable behaviors and which ones are not?

through socialization

What is anthropology about?

Anthropology is the study of human culture but understanding culture as all of the non-biological behaviors that humans have, in simple words, all of our behaviors are divided into two, biological (these are the ones that all humans have) and cultural (this are the ones that are different between two humans) and anthropology studies this last kind of behaviors. An anthropologist usually lives or stays with the human group that he wants to study to learn about their culture. He does a participation in all of the groups activities to understand them.

What does creatively maladjusted mean?

This is a term attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr. ("Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.")What it means is that a failure to accept the behaviors of others can be beneficial, when those behaviors should notbe acceptable. This implies that non-conformists, those who have learned to challenge accepted conventions, are the ones who promote change where it is needed.

What are the normal results of cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Many patients who undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy successfully learn how to replace their maladaptive thoughts and behaviors with positive ones that facilitate individual growth and happiness.

Is behavior inherited?

It's mostly the environment and the behavior of the environment that effects ones behaviors

What are the behaviors of a dolphin?

dolphins have many behaviors. if you are asking about the way they act, they are like humans. they can be mean, nice, happy, sad, etc. but if you ask about their show behaviors, there are countless ones. each park thinks up new or uses older behaviors according to a dolphins strengths and what it likes to do.

Why might people might be interested in learning about wind turbines?

They will want to learn about them in order to generate power in other ways. They could also create jobs. People will learn how to build them, so they can build better ones. So there are lots of reasons to learn about them.

What moves does Entei learn?

fire ones

What should someone do if their cat has bad behavior?

The best thing to do when you cat has bad behaviors is to adjust the behavior. Start by working with ones vet. Alter the environment that may be causing the behaviors and have patience.

What are the other names for Jews?

There are number of other names for Jews, but most of them are impolite or outright derisive. The acceptable ones include: Children of Israel, Modern Israelites, and the Chosen People.

What do both Ruri and readers learn from the events described in The Bracelet?

People do not need material objects to remember friends and loved ones.

Which document prevents the US government from engaging in behaviors like the ones described in the colonial grievance?

Bill of rights.

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