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How do police agencies reduce police brutality?


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By training, application of disciplinary measures when necessary, and through good first line supervisors.


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Police brutality is psychological intimidation.

Police brutality has been reported to have increased since the 9/11 attacks, but there are no published statistics on the frequency of police brutality actions.

There can be no justification for brutality. The job of the police is to protect and defend.

Collective Opposed to Police Brutality was created in 1995.

No-one should "do" police brutality, that's why it's called brutality rather than reasonable force, which is what police officers should use.

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Your question cannot be answered. Police brutality in the US is both a crime and a civil rights violation. There is no 'use' for it.

excessive use of force

There are a lot of laywers that are specialized in police brutality charges. You can find them online at 'PoliceBrutalityAttorney' and 'YouHaveALawyer'.

"A Police Brutality Attorney, can be expencience. Each state is different; therefore, you would have to do some research in your area as to the cost.

Virtually none. The state seldom if at all awards punitive damages for police brutality even if it is blatant.

Police brutality stems from anger. Sometimes its because police want revenge for a particularly heinour act or crime, and other times its because police want to inflict their own justice for a certain crime.

Mr- District Attorney - 1954 Police Brutality was released on: USA: 1954

The arguments against police brutality are generally of three types. 1) The police job is to enforce the law and bring the perpetrator to justice...not to assume guilt or innocence. 2) The police look bad when they use police brutality. If is a poor role model for behavior. People can think, well..if the police can beat people up, why can't I? 3) Most important it sends a terrible message to others about the credibility (believability) of the system or state which allows police brutality to happen. Therefore, if police brutality becomes acceptable in a place, over time the public becomes aware of this and ends up ostracizing (avoiding) the state or area in which this occurs.Eventually the public trust in the legal system is undermined when police brutality is allowed to continue.

Its wrong when the Police go out of line and are aggressive when they dont need to be.

Police brutality is an individual criminal act like any other assault. Slavery was an accepted and legal institution. A comparison seems unreasonable.

Police brutality is not as common today as it was years ago,but if a police officer feels threatened by a suspect then they may restrain them or use other methods.If you are looking for a lawyer that will take a police brutality case I would start with your local yellow pages and see who is available in your area.

This is a very old problem; even in the Roman Empire, the question was famously asked, who guards the guardians? Since it is the police who enforce the laws, it is the police who have to arrest other police officers in the event of police brutality, and quite often, the police stick together. Police don't like to arrest their fellow police.

In Australia to the Crime and Misconduct Commission

Yes, the police officer is on the Y axis and the perp is on the X axis.

You'd probably be thinking of Police brutality

A prominent example of police brutality is the Rodney King case, where he was tasered twice and beaten with a baton. This depressing example is known for causing the LA riots.

You may tell your brother to go to They are a police brutality law firm and may be able to answer some of your questions, as well as your brother's.

A bruise is not enough to claim police brutality or to tell you if this even was. If a parent were to catch a falling child and the child received a bruise would that be child abuse? Of course not! So from the information you provide there is no way to know if this is in face police brutality. I highly doubt that it is.

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