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You have to first take off the guard to the starter which only has one bolt. Once you take off the one bolt you have to slide the bottom of the guard toward the passenger side. Once you have the guard out there is a bolt above the last bolt you removed its a 15mm or at least on mine it is. Then on the opposite side towards the trunk there is another bolt this one is longer it as well use's the same socket. Once you have that bolt out, let the rear end of the starter to fall slightly and then pull the starter toward the passenger side.

Note: make sure you take off all the electrical parts off the end and make sure you disconnect the battery first before doing anything.

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Q: How do replace the starter on a 1990 Buick Park Avenue?
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It is built on the starter.It is built on the starter.

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To replace a fuse on a 1990 buick park avenue, open the drivers door, look at the outside edge of the dash, you will see two flat tip screw heads, turned the screws in the correct direction and the screws will pop out. Behind this dash is the fuses and the directory of which fuses belong to what item.The directory will be on the inside of the dash panel.

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