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how do seatbelts work

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Q: How do the motorized seat belts work on a 1992 Saturn?
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What causes 1992 Saturn auto belts stop working?

seat belt motor is bad

Where is the relay switch for the seat belts in a 1993 Saturn?

The switch is located under the seat

Is a 1999 Saturn SC2 a good car?

Saturn is a good car except for seat belts are designed improperly. They can choke you, if you don't adjust them.

How many can be seated in a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT?

I believe there are seat belts for ( 5 )

Are the passenger and driver side seat belts the same in the 1992 Nissan 240SX convertible?

Very unlikely as most seat belts have a locating pip fitted to the inertia reel part This in practice makes belts handed best wishes

Does the 1994 Mazda Protege have an airbag?

No, it has motorized seat belts. The 1994 Protege is essentially the same car as the 1990 Protege, which is an economy car that cost about $10,000 new.

Can you convert 2006 Saturn ion back seat from 2 seats with seatbelts to 3?

Yes. Get the rear seats and belts from a 4 door sedan Saturn Ion.

Why are seat belts unsafe?

Seat belts are unsafe because they can get stuck in a fire. Throw back someone inside the seat belt. Seat belts can choke people.

Do 1964 cars require seat belts?

Not if they did not come from the factory with seat belts. If they came form the factory with seat belts you are required to wear them.

How many seat belts does a 2012 mustang have?

The 2012 Ford Mustang has a total of 4 seat belts in the vehicle. There are 2 seat belts in the front and 2 seat belts located in the back for the rear passengers.

Are the seat belts attached to the door or seat?

Neither. Seat belts are generally anchored to the floor of a car.

Does a 1992 Honda Accord come with the automatic seat belts or did it change to a manual belt from the 1991 model?

Some of the 1991 models have automatic seat belts, in fact, I think all of them do. So, I think it is safe to assume your 92 model came with the automatic belts. I have a 1992 Honda Accord EX and I have manual seatbelts, so maybe it was an option... but not standard....

Did the 1957 Chevy have seat belts?

No, the 1957 Chevy didn't come with seat belts.

Why do limousines not have seat belts?

Limousines should have seat belts, unless classified as a bus.

Did 68 VW come with seat-belts?

Yes, the 68 VW came with seat belts for both front and back sets. The front seats for the Beetle were 3 point retractable seat belts and lap belts in the rear.

Does a 1978 Datsun 280Z have seat belts?

Yes, the 1978 Datsun 280Z has seat belts.

Does Ford Taurus have 4 seat belts in rear?

NO. The rear seat has 3 sets of belts.

What type of glue do use on seat belts?

No type of glue should be used on seat belts.

Who invented seat belts?

It is probable that no one knows this answer. Auto seat belts came into use well after seat belts had been in common usage in aircraft for decades and decades!

Can a car be sold without seat-belts?

If the vehicle was originally manufactured with seat belts, a dealer must sell the vehicle with working seat belts. a private individual is typically under no such restrictions, but it depends on the state.

Upgrade to Automatic Seat Belts?

form_title=Upgrade to Automatic Seat Belts form_header=Automatic seat belts can save time and energy. How many seats do you want to upgrade?=_ What sort of features do you want with the seat belts?=_ Has the car ever been damaged?= () Yes () No

Does 1965 impala convertible have back seat seat belts?

The 1965 came with lap belts for the front seat only. This was a new law for 1965 and only required front belts.

Where is the best place for a ground with sub woofers on a 1992 Saturn SC2?

the best place is to remove the center seat belt in the back seat and bolt it to that...

Do school buses have seat belts?

Some school buses do have seat belts throughout the entire bus. For the most part, buses do not have seat belts. They tend to have seat belts in the rows closest to the front end. It depends on the town, village, city, that owns the buses. Some places make them regulation to have entire buses full of seat belts, while some don't have any. Bus drivers usually have seat belts, being drivers.

How do I fix automatic seat belts in my 1992 Saturn?

You start by figuring out what's wrong with them - that's diagnosis. Until you do that, you either won't be able to repair it, or else you'll just end up throwing parts at it until you throw the right one.