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just pack up and leave when he is at work..however before you do make sure tahtyou have a friend that you can crash with for a while and someone that can help with bills and to keep him away. second if you are worried about him coming after you go to the police and tell them your story.

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Q: How do women leave men if they are abusive even if the man has ties to important payments and seems helpless?
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How do you leave an abusive boyfriend?

You have to want to get out of the abusive situation.

Why can't people leave abusive relationship's?

People can't leave them because the person who is abusive to you will not let you go anywhere.

How do you move beyond being upset that your abusive boyfriend will cheat if you leave him?

If you leave him, then it doesn't matter what he does. It wouldn't be called cheating if you left him. If he is abusive, then you should leave him.

How do you deal with an abusive husband?

If you can leave him - do it now.

Is your boyfriend abusive?

Many BFs, or boyfriends, are not abusive. If a boyfriend is abusive, the girl should leave the relationship and file charges. Do not keep going back to an abuser.

What happen when your boyfriend is abusive and you want to leave?

If he is really abusive go to the police! You should go to counseling or something.

How do to help an emotionally and physically abusive fathers?


Do you leave a controlling emotionally abusive husband?


What is the percentage of people who leave an abusive relationships?


Should you leave your boyfriend if he is abusive and doesn't allow you to leave the house but you still love him?

Abusive relationships are never a good thing. Cut your losses before it becomes worse.

What can be done to help a woman leave an abusive relationship?

tell her that she is important and that she shouldn't be treated like that tell her what she can do and how much you can achieve in how many people she can help

What can a person do if he or she is in an abusive relationship?

Break up. No one should treat anyone in an abusive manner. If he/she gets angry at the one who breaks up and it gets out of hand, then call the police. That worked for me. you can also sue them. Leave the person, if you have a child or children it can be harder to do but for your sake and especially your childrens sake it is important that you leave this person

What percent of people in abusive relationships don't leave?


How do you safely leave an abusive relationship?

Move to Italy in the night

How can you make your wife leave?

I do not mean to be abusive with you, but frankly it sounds like you are being abusive with her. Get a grip and tell her the marriage is over, and then you leave. If you don't want her with you, you have to ask yourself why you are still there.

Are baby chipmunks helpless when they are born?

some are because their parents leave them pretty sad

What do you do if your girlfriend is abusive?

Physically abusive? Call the cops. It is no more acceptable for a woman to beat a man then it is the other way around. Or leave her. Dont put up with that. Verbally/Mentally abusive? Let her know how she makes you feel...ask her why she treats you like that. If she doesnt stop....again....leave her.

Should i leave my abusive partner?

If a friend were in your situation, what would you advise?

If you leave your home due to an abusive government that is considered a?

push factor

If you leave your home due to an abusive government that is considered?

Push Factor

How many times does it take to leave an abusive partner?

After your abusive partner abuses you once you need to leave. There is no staying around because it won't get any better it only gets worst after you let them abuse you once.

How can you get your abusive boyfriend to leave?

-Pray about it. -Call the police. -Get counseling on how to get him to leave. -Don't be afraid of him but don't be risky by standing up to him. -

What is it called if you leave your home due to an abusive government?

This is a push factor in migration.

What do you do if your spouse is a control and abusive husband?

You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

What would you be considered if you leave your home due to an abusive government?

push factor

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